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Last updated: February 17, 2021

The More You Know: Has Lightener Ever Tricked You?

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What Do You Do When Lightener Plays Tricks On You? 

Have you ever rinsed out your foils thinking you reached the desired level of lift only to realize her hair wasn’t as blonde as you first thought? Well 24k of our Instagram followers feel your pain based on this recent post we shared from colorist Jacqui Swan (@jacqui.swan). In it, she shares why your lightener is playing tricks on you and what she does to work around it—and we’re breaking it all down for you below! Keep scrolling to get her tips!



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Here’s Why The Hair Appears Lighter In The Foils…

According to Jacqui, the reason the hair appears one way in the foils versus after the lightener is rinsed out is because the opposing colors are cancelling each other out. The opposite of orange is blue, while the opposite of yellow is violet. “If the lightener you are using is violet or blue, what you see is not what you get…The tone of the lightener is canceling out unwanted tones when lifting,” she shared.


Do This To Get the Level You Want!

So what do you do to avoid rinsing too soon? The answer is simple, let the lightener sit just a little longer. “When I think it’s ready, I will wait another 10 to 20 minutes just to be sure,” emphasizes Jacqui. But, her trick is using a lower volume developer. “Low and slow wins the race, so I’m not scared to leave it and really let it do its thing.”


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