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Last updated: January 11, 2021

6 Ideas To Help You Boost Retail Sales

Moroccanoil Tips For Selling More Retail Boost Business Sales Make More Money Article
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Want To Sell More Retail? These 6 Ideas Can Help!

We know selling salon retail is your least favorite part about the job because you’re either afraid of coming across as too pushy or you have no clue what to recommend. But when done right, it can really boost your business each month. So below, we’re sharing six ideas that’ll not only help change the way you think about making a sale but will also get more clients to leave your chair with products in hand. Keep scrolling for the advice!


1. Change Your Mindset

If the thought of putting on your salesperson hat fills you with dread, change the way you think about selling retail. “It’s never about selling products to your clients but rather problem-solving and educating them on something that will either make their life easier or truly change the integrity and health of their hair,” shares Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros). Clients look to you for professional advice, so don’t just recommend products in hopes of making a sale.



2. Gauge What She Needs During The Consultation

Why wait until the end of the appointment to bring up retail when you can get it on her mind from the start? Instead of asking her clients what they use at home, Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage) likes to ask what they’re doing at home for care and styling. Why? “It opens up communication about what they’re doing and how they’re using their products,” she shares.


Moroccanoil Tips For Selling More Retail Boost Business Sales Make More Money Article
Instagram via @moroccanoil


3. Ask The Right Questions

So you’re nearing the end of the service and it’s now or never to make that sale. Here are some questions Farhana recommends to help open up that retail conversation again:

  • Is there anything you want to try today?


  • Are you running low on anything at home? 


  • If you’re loving your existing shampoo and conditioner, incorporating the Intense Hydrating Mask from Moroccanoil® would really help nourish and hydrate your hair. 


  • I know you mentioned you were looking for a new dry shampoo, I love Moroccanoil® Dry Shampoo Light and Dark Tones and here’s why!


4. Build Trust With This Simple Trick

If she’s already using something great and you can tell she has no interest in buying anything, validate that and then sneak in a recommendation anyway. Farhana says saying something like, “I love that one! When you’re ready to try something new, I want to show you the Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray,” because she finds it builds trust and peaks their interest to see what she wants to show them.


5. Show Them A Full Range Of Products—No Matter What

Briana says she shows her clients a daily shampoo, a conditioner, two beneficial styling products and a weekly mask. “Even if they don’t take anything home, I would like for them to take a photo of the products that I pulled for them,” she shares. “It’s a great way to give them a good reference that is always handy for them and on their phone.”


Wondering which products Briana has been recommending nonstop to her clients lately? Moroccanoil’s Treatment Light, Protect & Prevent Spray, Dry Texture Spray and Luminous Hairspray Medium.



6. When Retail Sales Get You Down, Remember This…

“When a client is willing to purchase a product from you, they really truly are invested in not only their hair but you,” shares Briana. “Their respect level for you is proven by their willingness to listen to your advice, so don’t underestimate the power of a subliminal reminder to come back to see you. They’re going to think of you every time they wash/style their hair with the products you recommended to them.”

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