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Last updated: March 20, 2020

8 Moneymaking Ideas That DON’T Include Traditional Salon Retail

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8 Ideas For Making More Money

Recently a member of our BTC community asked for advice when her salon wanted to start retailing products that aren’t hair-related (think handbags and small gifts). Click here to read great advice on that topic, and then keep scrolling for eight ideas you can use in your salon to make more money without increasing hair product sales!



1. “If you’re looking to bring in more income, maybe you could offer private label hair and beauty products or teach classes for at-home care.” – @lagurlcountryheart


2. “Maybe suggest supporting local artists by carrying a local jewelry line or handmade creations of some sort. Call it a pop-up shop and cross-advertise. It could bring more clients in while bruising local relationships.” – @cdhairhouse


3. “About every quarter, our salon has a purse and jewelry party. We tell all our clients and when they come to the party, they get a little ticket for 20 percent off any product. They all love it and they bring their friends and family and we always get new clients out of it.” – @mamabearrawr


4. “Offer cocktails and a kind of a happy hour party. People love being spoiled and relaxed happy clients come more often.” – @anapribeauty


5. “If you’re not selling already, what about stocking/selling hot tools and quality brushes and sectioning clips?” – @litltos


6. “I presume you have make-up artists there (if not, you should!) so why don’t you sell really good quality hair and makeup products? You can get either 10 percent off the value of the hair as a voucher for makeup or a free makeup ‘trial/consultation’ to learn more about your skin and colors that suit you. Or a ‘how to apply a variety of products’ tutorial…you get the idea. You could do a vice versa so when you spend £50 in the hair and makeup store, you can get a deal for your hair.” – @irina.ichim


7. “I think event-based promotions would be more effective. For example, network with a yoga instructor and run a promo for people to have a class and service combined, after hours maybe once a month, setting a reasonable price.” – @nellabe11a


8. “My salon has art on the wall from local artists and then throws an art party mingle to celebrate the artist and sell retail for hair.”  – @shanell_theyoungamerican