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Last updated: May 21, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Should Offer An Express Balayage Service

Farhana Premji @xo.farhana.balayage 4 Reasons Why You Should Offer An Express Balayage Service
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4 Reasons Why You Should Add Express Balayage As A Service

Without the option to double book and a limited amount of appointment times available, you need to find ways to get more clients in your chair. Enter express balayage! Below, we’re sharing four reasons why you should start offering an express balayage service from salon owner and BTC Team Member Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage). 


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1. It’s A Major Timesaver

Less balayage panels to paint and zero color melting will help shorten the appointment by about an hour, which means you can accommodate more clients without double or triple booking and still provide a premium service!


2. It Makes For A Great Refresh Between Appointments 

Chances are your balayage clients just want to see bright blonde strands again, so express balayage is a great refresh option to tide them over until your schedule allows for longer appointment times.


3. It’s The Less Costly Option

Farhana’s express balayage service is ⅔ the cost of a full balayage, but she notes that some clients may appreciate having the option to get their hair done without having to overspend—especially at a time when finances are tight. And remember, faster appointments mean you can fit in more clients. More clients = more money.


4. It Embraces The “Less Is More” Mindset

Some guests may be falling in love with the look of their balayage grow out, so Farhana says this express service may be all they need to quickly brighten up the face frame and refine their overall tone.



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