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Last updated: April 06, 2021

At-Home Color Kits: How They Can Benefit Your Business

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4 Reasons To Continue Offering At-Home Color Kits 

 Although pandemic restrictions are lifting in some areas, some salons are still reeling from continued closures and limited operations. At-home color kits allowed many salons and stylists to get through initial lockdowns, and now they are presenting themselves as legitimate revenue streams. That’s why salon owners Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage) and Sam Brocato (@sambrocato) are continuing to offer this at-home service even though their salons are open for business. 


We talked to Sam, Farhana and members of the BTC community about how at-home color kits have continued to help their businesses, plus get a look at what goes into a Sam Brocato at-home color kit! 



1. Servicing Apprehensive Clients 

Returning clients may be apprehensive about coming in every four to six weeks for a root touch-up. At her salon, The Beige Label in Calgary, Canada, Farhana offers “Hair-At-Home” services as a comfortable solution for guests to maintain their hair until they are ready to come in.


“I operate from a heart-centered business practice which completely aligns with creating solutions for my guests,” she shares. “We’ve seen no downside in offering them and our margins are extremely high, so it’s both beneficial and profitable for my salon,” she shares. 


Click Through The Slideshow For The Beige Label’s Hair-At-Home Service

Instagram via @xo.farhana.balayage.


2. Clients Return With Increased Appreciation & Loyalty

If anything, clients will return with a thorough understanding of what happens everyday behind the chair. “We have experienced a surge in gratitude from our customers with more appreciation for how complex color is,” Sam explains. His salon, Sam Brocato Salon in New York City, has even seen a new client count of 24 percent!


“Almost every client came back and said ‘I never want to do that by myself again. Hair is for professionals!’ As a business owner, it felt good to offer our guests an option for self care at home and we earned their respect as professionals,” says Farhana.

“During the lockdown I made up personal color kits for my clients with no problems,” explains BTC community member Diane Sartori Linter. “They were thrilled to cover their grey and many expressed how having to do it themselves made them appreciate me even more—they are even happier to pay me to do it. Every one of them returned to the salon. No regrets, just grateful clients.” 


“Offering home kits was a way to say ‘I care about you,’” shared Barber Ivan Zoot (@ivanzoot) on Instagram. 


BTC follower @kirstensbackporch also saw her business grow as a result of her clients sharing their appreciation. “Everyone was grateful and my business grew because of word of mouth from my appreciative clients. I am now back to work and an added bonus is—I’m not wondering what type of box dye was used because clients bought from me and not the drugstore. Kindness and understanding does NOT devalue what we do, it means we care and we want to help.”



3. Color Kits Maintain Salon Standard & Provide Quality Control

“The main benefit of our color kits was making sure the customer is cared for in the standard and quality they would receive at Sam Brocato Salon,” explains Sam. “Offering at-home color kits after lockdown continues that care even if the guest does not come into the salon as much.” 


“We want them to know we care about their hair not just the day they are in the salon, but through the weeks and months between their bigger color services,” Farhana explains. “Our color kits are priced very close to our in-salon service, so clients have the option to come in or we provide them with the tools they need to maintain their hair,” she adds.


Instagram user @ashslayyy put it into words we can all agree on: “Look, anything is better than box color 😂.” 


Sam Shared What Clients Receive Inside Their At-Home Color Kits. Keep Scrolling For A Full Breakdown!

via Sam Brocato


Thinking Of Selling At-Home Color Kits? Download The Client Liability Waiver Here! 


4. Opens Scheduling For More Time-Consuming Services

With root-touchup clients visiting less frequently, stylists are able to book clients looking for more time consuming services, such as balayage or highlights. 


“Color kits helped me book the more desperate clients first once our salon reopened. Some are still requesting at-home kits if they are busy or can’t make it to the salon and I am ok with that!” shared Instagram user @hollyandwolly. 


“I made color kits and it was a huge success. Not only was there no mystery color on their heads upon return, but my clients were so appreciative! Every one of them has returned and some of them prefer a touch-up kit between appointments. This has left space for my detailed balayage, lifting work!” shared BTC community member @lissathoms


BONUS: Here’s How Sam Brocato Salon Packages Color Kits

Current salon clients request at-home color kits via email. Sam shared a sneak peek at the process his staff uses to build the kits: 


  • Clients must include their full name, phone number, email and shipping address 
  • Once received, a management staff member will respond with a digital waiver for the client to sign
  • Clients may only request their most recent formula (highlights and bleach are not included)
  • Formulas are then pulled from the salon’s database and cross checked by a salon colorist for accuracy
  • Once color kits are received, the client receives an email with a video tutorial on how to apply their color and are able to reach out directly to their colorist with any questions. 


Color kits are priced at $150 and include: 

  • Custom color formula (root color only)
  • Developer
  • Application Bottle
  • Gloves
  • Mascara Wand
  • Processing Cap 
  • Custom Instructions


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