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Last updated: December 22, 2021

4 Retail Tips to Avoid Losing Sales

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4 Retail Solutions For Every Client Problem 

We hear it all the time: it can be nerve-wracking to suggest retail products to your clients! However, it gets a lot easier when you can solve common client problems with your retail suggestions.


Let’s break it down: Here’s how to solve four client problems by selling retail products that benefit their hair and your bottom line!


Client problem: They don’t want to spend a lot of money.

There is nothing worse than a client opting for 4-in-1 shampoo after a fresh color service. But instead of rolling your eyes and showing them the door, give them product options that fit their budget and prolong their color. 


Retail solution #1: Suggest products that are cost effective.

You’re probably already explaining to clients how investing in professional-quality products will help them maintain their color for longer. Take it a step further like 2021 #ONESHOT Winner Caitlin Dugan (@coloredbycaitlin): She retails salon-exclusive Redken products in a special, new 16.9 oz size


What does this mean? The bottles cost 22 percent less per ounce with 67 percent more product in each bottle. “The new 16.9 oz sizing lasts longer between visits, perfect for clients that struggle going through products too quickly,” Caitlin says. Explain to your client that this new size is more economical and will last them longer, making the price per use less expensive over time. 


BONUS: Stylists can earn 30% MORE in profit by retailing this new Redken bottle size!


Ready to earn 30% more in retail revenue? Click here to shop the new Redken 16.9 oz bottles!


“The new size bottles from Redken are a HUGE bonus for any guest that struggles going through their product too quickly + is looking for something cost effective, that will benefit + protect their haircolor!” Instagram via @coloredbycaitlin



Client problem: Overusing purple shampoo.

Your clients are already spending big bucks to be blonde. Educating them on how to use purple shampoo the RIGHT way can keep their toner lasting longer between appointments. 


Retail solution #2: Add some education to your sales pitch.

BTC Team Member Ashley Smith (@paintedbyashleymarie) shares two KEY points when educating clients about purple shampoo:


  • Point #1: Overuse will cause build up and make blonde locks appear grey and dull.


  • Point #2: Yellow tones only appear on Levels 9 or higher. If a client is a darker shade of blonde, purple shampoo will have no effect on their tone. 


Check out Ashley’s video to peep her go-to purple shampoo for blondes!

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A post shared by Ashley | Balayage Edu | Albany (@paintedbyashleymarie)


Make more money with less inventory: Shop the new Redken 16.9 oz bottles HERE!


Client problem: They don’t know what products they need.

Why wait until the end of the appointment to talk about after care? Ask your client about their hair concerns during the consultation and get their mind thinking about products BEFORE they see their finished look. 


Retail solution #3: Get them talking about their haircare routine EARLY.

BTC Team Member Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage) likes to ask what they’re doing at home for care and styling. Why? “It opens up communication about what they’re doing and how they’re using their products,” she shares.


Here’s how Farhana integrates products into her consultations:

  • Ask: “I just got these new products in, which would you like to try today?” 


  • Ask: “Tell me about your at-home routine! How are you liking the products you purchased last time?” 


  • Suggest: “If you’re loving your existing shampoo and conditioner, incorporating the One United All-In-One Multi Benefit Leave-In Conditioner from Redken would really help nourish and hydrate your hair.” 


Client problem: Running out of product quickly.

So you were successful getting your client on an at-home routine…but she runs out of product between appointments and hits up the drugstore, ruining your (and their) hard work.


Retail solution: Keep them out of the drug store with products that work with their appointment schedule.

You can avoid this problem with a simple solution—sell larger bottles! “The new 16.9 oz product sizing from Redken is designed to last clients longer between salon appointments,” says BTC Team Member Tahirah Carter (@mrs_tahirah2).


Before, Redken’s retail sizes were available in a 10.1 oz size. With the 16.9 oz size, the product lasts about six to eight weeks (yep, the same amount of time as between regular client appointments!).


Plus, clients are SAVING money by purchasing half the amount of product every year…while you make an additional profit of up to $5 more versus the 10.1 oz bottles. 


Pro Tip: Larger bottle sizes = less inventory, meaning less money spent on your retail inventory and more money that stays in your pocket!


To keep her vibrant clients bright and help moisture retention, Tahirah suggests the Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner from Redken. Instagram via @mrs_tahirah2

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