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Last updated: March 01, 2024

3 Pre-Appointment Steps To Prepare Your Client For A Chemical Service


Instruct Your Color Clients To Do These Things Before Their Appointment

All stylists know the importance of a thorough consultation before a chemical service. But what’s just as important is the consultation before the consultation—especially for those with previously colored hair. Ahead are three things stylists should do to prepare a client’s hair before they walk through the door to make sure it’s the healthiest canvas for coloring or blonding.


1. Ask These Questions Before The Client Is Even In Your Chair:

Get to know your client’s hair and their intended results so you can give them the best results with these four questions:


  • “What are your goals for the appointment?”
  • “What are your longterm goals for your hair?”
  • What does your current hair routine look like?”
  • “Do you use heat on your hair?”


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2. How To Help Your Client Repair Their Hair Before Their Appointment:

After understanding the current state of your client’s hair, the next step is to help them establish a hair routine that will prepare their strands for the chemical service. For those over-processed, heat-damaged clients, repairing the hair is a main priority. To do so, OLAPLEX Ambassador, Samantha Cusick (@samantha.cusick), suggests incorporating the below products and action items into their routine:


Reparative products to suggest:


  • OLAPLEX No. 6 BOND SMOOTHER: A leave-in smoothing, anti-frizz styling treatment for dry, thirsty hair.
  • OLAPLEX No. 7 BONDING OIL™: An oil heat protectant that boosts shine, reduces breakage and controls frizz.
  • OLAPLEX No. 0 INTENSIVE BOND BUILDING TREATMENT is the first step in a two-part at-home system that primes the hair so No.3 Hair Perfector can strengthen and repair all types of damaged hair.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @olaplex


Pair this solid product rotation with these tips courtesy of Samantha:


  • Start using at minimum three days before their service.
  • Be consistent with the products and use them regularly. “Don’t ‘save them for the best’—all of these products work best when you use them consistently,” says Samantha.
  • Don’t underwash. Going too long without washing your hair can lead to dry hair and heat damage.
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair. “Going to bed with wet hair is a no-no,” says Samantha. “Your hair is its most fragile, so it’s better to use a heat protectant then blow-dry it before going to bed.”
  • The more you use OLAPLEX, the better. “It is categorically not a protein,” says Samantha debunking many internet myths. “You can’t overuse [the products] at home—the more you use the better” 


3. Have Your Client Follow This Routine The Day Of Their Appointment:

The day of your client’s appointment has finally arrived and while they may think it’s best practice to show up with dirty, unwashed hair Samantha advises just the opposite. “They need to reset and revive [their hair],” she says about preparing for their appointment. “If they love to add products, they’re going to need to reset.”


To avoid a scalp full of build-up in your chair, tell your clients how OLAPLEX 4c BOND MAINTENANCE® will help their hair hold color even better by getting rid of impurities, leftover product and environmental stressors.


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