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Last updated: July 18, 2021

“I Don’t Like My Hair”… Now What?!

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How To Nail A Consultation And Avoid The “I Don’t Like It”

You just spent six hours creating a corrective color masterpiece, drawing on every bit of education you have to formulate exactly what the client wanted. And then she says it: “I don’t really like it.” Yes, it’s horrible, and you may never want to see that client again. But could this have been avoided?


We gathered answers from Facebook and found that all stylists agree—consultations can make or break you. Here are the top tips to nailing a consultation to make you and your clients feel confident before beginning any service:


More Than “10 Minutes”

“I will keep saying this, it’s all about the consultation. When I know it’s for a corrective service, I insist on a consultation appointment first. This is not a ten minute conversation, it is at LEAST a 30-minute, if not longer.” said Diana Treider on Facebook.


Discussion Ideas:

  • “What is your hair care routine?” If the look they want will require significant changes to a current routine, they needs to know that—and be ready and willing to make adjustments.
  • “This will need more than one appointment…” Being able to break down services on an appointment-to-appointment level can give you a ton of credibility for a client trusting you with a transformation. Plus, it’s always best to under-promise and over-deliver.
  • “Maintenance will be necessary” Clients are not supposed to know the ins and outs of hair! It’s important to educate a client on the complexities and upkeep of their hair requests. If their desired look requires regular glossing, toning or other upkeep appointments, they’ll have to commit to those. 



Offer Wiggle Room

A generous twist on the good ole’ “sleep on it.” 

“I have always done a 7-day guarantee. If something’s not right, I’ll fix it for free. They leave relaxed knowing that. 99% of the time they are good but if they are not, no problem! If it becomes a pattern however, I refer them to a new stylist.” said Lyndsay Miller on Facebook.



“With Your Hair, This Is What I Expect… “

As salon professionals, we’re qualified to know what won’t suit a client, but still expected to make their dream hair come true! Stay true to you. Assess your client’s personality before making any commentary—if nothing else, trust your instincts and education. 


“It’s all about managing the client’s expectations. I know most of my clients pretty well and I usually have no qualms about telling the truth. If I feel like maintenance or other issues will be too much for a client, then I let them know. I’m all for changing your appearance, but I’ve been through it too many times where a client hates it or wants to go right back the next time. It’s exhausting.” said Brianne Redfern


When In Doubt, Trust The Basics

“Communication, expectations, education and consultation.” said Krystal Beeler. Preach, girl!