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Last updated: November 22, 2019

Unhappy Corrective Color Clients?! 4 Reasons Why & How To Fix It

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Corrective Color: 4 Reasons Clients Are Unhappy & How Fix It
You’ve spent the whole day working through box dye, harsh banding and stubborn brass when your corrective color client says they are unhappy with the results. Where did you go wrong and how can you fix it? We’ve got you, just keep scrollin’!


When colorist, salon owner and BTC Member Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) posted this on Instagram, hairdressers were happy to know they weren’t alone in the struggle—here are four common mistakes and solutions to avoid them.


“It’s happened to the best of us. The dreaded moment when you ask after sweating through a correction for six hours, ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?’ If the moment comes where your guest isn’t thrilled with the service, let me share with you a few things that probably went wrong.”


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1. Problem: You Over-Promised
Have you ever booked a color correction without really knowing your new client’s previous hair history or without enough time? Trust us, we’ve all been guilty of promising more than we can accomplish in the amount of time booked. If you over-promise in the consultation, you will always fall short of their expectations.


Solution: Here’s an easy fix—always under-promise! Manage clients’ expectations and be realistic with how many steps and sessions are necessary to achieve their desired end results. Take it a step further and break down what clients can expect after each session, especially with drastic dark-to-light transformations and harsh banding or damage.


2. Problem: Skipping Corrective Color Steps
“Not enough time is not an excuse,” warns Gina. Clients don’t know how much time every step is going to take, especially when color corrections can result in unexpected issues. If you skip steps because you’re short on time, you AND your client will both see it in their finished color results.


Solution: Clients don’t understand how many steps a color correction requires, so it’s critical that you book out enough time to execute every step necessary. That means leaving enough time for possible damage control and restorative haircare treatments. 


3. Problem: Not Enough Options
If your client’s hair needs to rest in between lightening sessions, you know going darker will make the next session even harder to lift BUT your client doesn’t want to see warmth. What do you do? If you’re not talking through their options, you might be blamed when they’re unhappy at the end of their services.


Solution: Be transparent and give clients a say based on what could, should or MIGHT happen—read this example from Gina below.

  • “On our way to our goal haircolor, we may hit stubborn warmth. If we get there I will tell you immediately and show you what’s happening. There will be a decision that needs to be made. We can work with it, against it or (only) if your hair is strong enough, we can work past it today.”


4. Problem: Lack Of Communication
Are you educating and communicating throughout the entire process? “If you try to keep clients calm by saying ‘OMG! IT’S SO AMAZING!’ throughout the service,” warns Gina, “when you blow-dry and it’s nothing like you talked about, they will be crushed.” You will lose their trust. 


Solution: Be honest and keep clients involved. “Take photos to document the process and show them what you are working with,” advises Gina. “They will not understand unless you involve them.”



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