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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Charge Extra For Styling? See How It Adds Up💰

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See How Charging For Styling Can Help Your Retirement Savings

Is styling included with every service you perform, or do you charge extra? Here’s what salon owner, businesswoman and BTC Team Member Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) has to say on this topic, and why charging for styling can pay for retirement:


“I get roasted by some people whenever I mention a curl add-on. I do charge for every service performed, even the curls. If you want to be a free curl stylist that’s completely OK, however I recommend adjusting your haircut price to including curling and make up for that 15 minutes of extra time.”


OK, makes sense…and then Gina breaks it down in cold hard cash:


  • 4 curls [styles] a day at $15 for each add-on = $60
  • 5 days a week = $300
  • 52 weeks a year = $15,600
  • Divide that by 12 months = $1,300/month extra



Still following? Now Gina brings up a great point: “My clients aren’t in charge of saving for my future. I am. I am in charge of being a true professional and taking care of myself and my family.” So here’s what Gina suggests…


  • Invest that into retirement: $15,600 (initial investment)
  • Monthly investment $1,300 (same number generated above for charging $15 for curl add-ons)
  • Over 42 years (from age 25-67) at 12% interest = $18,670,170


“Why do you think guac is extra? That’s a lot of guacamole! How many of you are calling a financial advisor right now?…Your clients will totally accept anything for free if you offer it. Stop offering. Instead, REWARD good behaviors like frequency of visit, referrals and high average tickets. Stop giving s*** away for free every single day.”


Well said, Gina! Read all the comments in the post below for more on this conversation:


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