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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray

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At last, an oil spray that works on all haircolors—even blondes! Joico’s new K-PAK Color Therapy Dry Oil Spray is a lightweight aerosol that still packs a punch by delivering a 63 percent increase in shine and more than a 75 percent reduction in breakage. Joico’s new oil-wonder is a true aerosol, spraying in an ultra-fine mist that applies evenly all over the hair, but doesn’t get all over clothes and hands. It’s so light and evenly applied that it doesn’t weigh hair down either—just the oil your clients have been waiting for! Containing nourishing oils and top-notch Joico technology like it’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex for incomparable reparative effects and B-layer resurfacing technology, hair is protected against unwanted frizz and atmospheric moisture.

“[It]leaves very little residue on the hands of the stylist immediately after running fingers through it. Adds ample amount of shine. Seems to close the cuticle very well all the way to the end,”  says Hollywood Celebrity Stylist, Paul Norton.   

* Available January 2015

Key benefits include:
-Instantly increases shine by more than 63 percent.
-Increases color vibrancy.
-Repairs damaged cuticles to lock in color.
-Colorless oil is safe for use on all haircolors, including blondes.
-Feather-weight formula delivered in an ultra-fine mist.
-Replenishes hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
-More than 75 percent breakage reduction and four times the resistance. Reduces breakage caused by styling, while protecting the hair and strengthening it.
-Locks out frizz.

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