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Last updated: January 30, 2019

Hair Shake

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To shake up your styling regimen, Joico has created a groundbreaking new texturizer called Hair Shake. And this is no ordinary texturizer—this is unlike anything you’ve seen or felt before. The moment you shake the bottle, that’s when the magic happens. A stainless steel ball inside starts turning Joico’s new extraordinary liquid-to-powder texturizer into a mirco-fine mist that amplifies hair with mega-volume. Your client’s hair will come to life right before your eyes! Hair Shake creates an unbelievable volume that’s a plush finish you can touch as well as see. Spray it, texturize, layer it, volumize, play with it—dramatize with every shake! Plus, get a dose of damage protection in every shot.


This invisible, lightweight, liquid-to-powder hybrid spray instantly adds volume, texture and thickness to all hair types. This multi-tasking “finishing texturizer” goes on DRY hair after the blow-dry, heat set or foundational styling to infuse it with plush texture that transforms your ordinary finish into an enviable, long-lasting style.


Hair Shake’s “powder base” is actually a groundbreaking, virtually invisible combination consisting of: Malitol (a sugar substitute that blacks humidity), Bentonite Clay (for oil absorption, texture and grip), Cosmetic Grade Silica (for absorption and density), Magnesium Silicate (an odorless powder, for absorption and density).


Hair Shake can add texture to medium to long wavy or curly hair, infuse limp hair of any length with plush, long-lasting fullness and density and create abundant volume at the root on fine hair. It can also be used to control men’s hair and thick, short hair.


Key Benefits:

  • Plus, yet airy texture and lift.
  • Touchable, moldable, layerable styling grip.
  • Dramatic volume and fullness at the roots.
  • Invisible, residue-free, grit-free formula dries in a flash.
  • Creates endless styling possibilities with a single styler.
  • Contains Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, Joico’s most powerful hair reconstructive technology known.


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Manufacturer: Joico, @joico

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Hair Shake

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