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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Davines Launches New Demi-Permanent Haircolor Collection

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Davines just released its new demi-permanent haircolor collection, View. The color system is formulated with acid pH, 88 to 93 percent natural origin ingredients and 95 to 99 percent biodegradable ingredients designed at the Davines Research and Development Laboratories in Parma, Italy. Created to meet the needs of both colorists and clients, View guarantees extreme shine and added strength to each strand.


View is a versatile and extremely user-friendly system that tones bleached or lightened natural hair, evens out color, revives length and ends and covers up to 50 percent of grays. Easily change your View—the possibilities are endless.


The Line: 40 Shades And 1 Gloss

Each of the nine families and shades are unique, representing individuality and a specific view. Special shades, such as Charcoal, Steel, Amethyst and Quartz, may be used to obtain creative results or can be blended with traditional shades to boost intensity.


The gloss can be used on its own, mixed with 10-volume activator to give extra shine to the hair or it can be mixed with the various shades to reduce intensity.



How It Works

View has a processing time of 5 to 20 minutes, to be visually checked. The mixing ratio is 1:1 of haircolor and 10-volume activator. The color naturally fades after 6 to 8 weeks or 15 to 20 shampoos depending on the hair’s condition and external factors, like using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner.


The Packaging

View helps Davines salons reduce their environmental impact as formulas are 95 to 99 percent biodegradable and are housed in recycled plastic bottles whose production-generated CO2 is completely offset. The high-performance gel formulas are created with 88 to 93 percent of natural origin ingredients and enriched with natural polyglycerols—emulsifiers never used before in the color and haircare world—that were obtained from renewable and biodegradable sources, namely olive oil. Mirroring Davines’ mission of beauty plus sustainability, View’s delicate and non-irritating formulations produce extreme shine as well as strong and nourished strands.


Click Through The Slideshow Below To See The Different Looks Angelo Seminara Created Using View!


Stand Out Blondes

Ideal to obtain uniform, delicate, customized blondes with a focus on tone transparency. Ideal for use after a bleaching service or for natural blondes.


Blonde Vibes

Ideal for blonde clients who want to revive their color or neutralize undesired tones.
Use as a shine giving service for blonde clients who need light and brightness.


Blend And Refresh

Ideal for refreshing the length and ends, to enhance or even out existing color. Give new life to tired hair by playing with different tones.


Shine Bright

Use the gloss as a shine booster for natural, colored or chemically treated hair (bleached, permanently colored or relaxed hair). Apply at the end of a color service to increase glossiness.


Back To Natural

Ideal for clients who want to go darker or who are simply tired of dealing with regrowth. Recommended for when pre-pigmentation is necessary to ensure the duration of color and its shine.

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