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Last updated: December 22, 2008

Wella Color Charm “Shimmering Spice” How-To

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Wella Color Charm “Shimmering Spice” How-To

Every girl wants to add a little spice to her look during the cooler months. This “Shimmering Spice” technique from Wella Color Charm makes for the perfect wintery brunette, and your clients are sure to love it.

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    Hair: Natural Level 4

    Formula 1: Color Charm Liquid Creme 4R Cinnamon Brown, and 20 Volume Welloxide Crème Developer.
    Formula 2: Wellite Powder and 20 volume Welloxide Crème Developer.
    Formula 3: Equal parts Color Charm Conditioning Gel Tube 7WV Nutmeg, and 5WR Allspice, with 30 volume Welloxide Crème Developer.

    Step 1: Section Hair.
    Starting off center at the natural part, section out a vertical panel about 1-inch by 5-inches, leaving out the fringe area. Starting at crown, slice two triangles on each side of first section with the widest base at the back of the crown, points facing front.

    Step 2: Apply Formula 1 as retouch application to all free hair. Cover sides loosely with foil.

    Step 3: Alternate Formulas 2 and 3 in each triangle section, leaving ¼-inch between each foil. Apply Formula 1 to all free hair in between foils and on top center section.

    Step 4: Process 30 minutes. Rinse, carefully then remove foils. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

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    Spicy brown tones complement her brunette hair perfectly.