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April 16, 2014

Warm, Vibrant Coral from Wella Professionals


Warm, Vibrant Coral from Wella Professionals

Spring is in the hair! This rich, vibrant coral is the perfect shade for your blonde who dares to go red or your red who wants a little something different. So spice up her color with this “must-have” hue!

Urban Native from Wella Professional

Color Formula: Icy, Blonde Sunset

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    Color Formulas
    Formula A: Wella Color Touch 7/43 + 4% Wella Color Touch Emulsion
    Formula B: Magma /36 + /44 10:1 + 6% (20-volume developer) + /44 6% (20-volume developer)
    Formula C: Wella Color Touch Relights /47 + /00 (2:1) + 1.9% Wella Color Touch Emulsion

    Create two triangles, one at each side, and apply Formula A to roots, midlengths and ends of hair, not included in the triangle.

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    Remove color after development time is completed and dry the hair.

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    Paint the remaining triangles, alternating between Formulas B & C.

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    After processing, rinse, shampoo and apply Wella Professionals Magma Color Complete. To marry all the sections, apply Formula D to the whole head at the shampoo bow, and process for 15 minutes.

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    Create a strong base line at desired length at back and side.

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    Create a blunt fringe. Graduate the fringe from the inside so the top layers are longer to create extra volume.

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    Taking a triangle section at crown. Create soft layers through the back and sides.

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    Apply Extra Volume Mousse and blow-dry with large round brush.

  • 11

    Work in Wella Professionals Mirror Polish for added shine and frizz control.