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Last updated: August 15, 2008

NAHA 19 Winning Team The Teals Reveal “Janelle”

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NAHA 19 Winning Team The Teals Reveal “Janelle”

Ryan and DeAnnalyn Teal (AKA The Teals) of Capello Salons in Portland, Oregon walked away with a NAHA this year for Salon Team of the Year, and they would like to reveal their latest Step-by-Step!  Goddess Revealed is a fabulous new option for long hair.  “As a long hair specialist,” claims Ryan Teal, “I like to show the range of looks each cut can do. With longer lengths, especially with the addition of hair pieces and extensions, the options are simply unlimited.”

See the “Veronica” Goddess Revealed Step-by-Step!



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    The hair was prepped with mousse and blow-dried straight with a paddle brush, flat ironing once dry for sleekness.

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    Create a solid form by using the point of the scissors with the dry hair in natural fall and using deep parallel point cutting, barely going though just to reduce the weight on the ends.

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    The hair was followed around, cutting on the chest (also in natural fall).

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    Split hair into sections from indentation to indentation. Over directed right to left and left to right, then slide cut from just below the chin to the length. Ryan just barely opened and closed the scissors as he cut to help evoke more texture.

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    Parting (same as color) in a star pattern with 5 points sprawling out across the roof going diagonally back with the points a little lower in back than in front.

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    Elevate the hair 180 degrees, cutting from short to long, (shortest being close to the head and long being close to the length) creating pleats to make the hair more form fitting.

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    Drop the star pattern and continue on the top of the head using same partings on previous sections. At this point Ryan double-checked the length of the section below it ensuring that what he was cutting on top was slightly longer to give sort of a bi-level effect. This allows a form fitting, close to the head finish. Went around the head and applied the same technique.

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    Go all the way around.

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    Finished cut.  Proceed to styling.  Choose either Look 1 or Look 2.

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    The Teals went back through and personalized the look. They used a medium hold aerosol hairspray and flat-ironed larger sections for an absolutely smooth finish. A perfect option for long hair, this cut allows a solid shape with some natural movement.

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    Hairpieces were added to give a unique textured finish. To create this look, a loose ponytail was created in back allowing any hair that didn’t reach to fall out. Using a working spray and bobby pins twisting in, they anchored extensions to the ponytail that matched her color. They continued to pin in until they reached the desired volume, then added more working spray over the top to hold.