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Last updated: January 23, 2018

How-To: Intergalactic Warrior Braids

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How-To: Intergalactic Warrior Braids

It was the braid heard round the world—Mara Hoffman’s Star-Wars-inspired look that made its debut in her Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week. Always one to embrace creativity on the catwalk, Mara teamed up with TIGI® US Creative Director, Thomas Osborn, who created this ethereal, dual-texture look, inspired by intergalactic warriors.


“Mara kept referencing Luke Skywalker, if Luke Skywalker was a woman,” says Thomas. “So we decided to go with a style that had a futuristic, desert vibe to it.”


And since Mara’s signature runway look almost always includes a braid, Thomas decided to incorporate these loose, lived-in plaits that complement her Jedi-inspired collection. We know this style is already on top of your “to-try” list, so here’s Thomas’s breakdown to get you started!


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    Prep the hair with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session SeriesTM Salt Sprayand create a clean, center part from the hairline to nape, securing hair in two low ponytails for the time being.

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    Use a paddle brush and a bit of CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray to smooth hair and set the severity of the part.

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    Using pins, secure one extra-long, pre-made braid (using extensions) just behind the ear and cross over the crown. Repeat with a second pre-made braid in the opposite direction, crossing over the other braid to make an “X” on top of the head.

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    Next, remove elastics from pigtails and begin braiding the ends of the braids into each pony, using a 3-strang technique and incorporating wefts of hair into the braid as you go to add length. Secure each side with an elastic, leaving a significant amount of unbraided hair below the elastic.

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    Secure the two braids together, taking care to hide the pins and create the illusion of intertwined braids.

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    Use fingers to pull on pieces of the braid to create an undone texture and set the look with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray.  

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