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Last updated: July 19, 2019

Shags: 4 Ways to Texturize

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Ah, the shag. Arguably the most universally-adored cut of this year. Models love it, celebs love it, your clients love it. Create your best shag yet with these four texturizing tricks from top industry pros.


Add Texture
To create texture and movement for clients with straight hair, rough up the cuticle with techniques like slide-cutting.




Think Soft
To create more movement in the hair, avoid heavy layers and blunt cutting. “Think soft when layering and creating internal texture,” says TIGI’s U.S. Session and Creative Director Thomas Osborn (@thomas.osborn).


Twist to Texturize
Want the most volume at the crown? Do this:

  • Twist a section
  • Elevate to 180 degrees
  • Slide-cut up

This removes weight from the midlengths and ends, adds bounce in the crown and results in a piecey, textured effect. Watch stylist Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle) use this technique.




The Right Tool for the Job
When choosing which tool to use for your shag cut, consider the texture of your client’s hair.

  • Use a razor if: your client has thick, glass-like hair.
  • Use shears if: your client has curly hair, to stop frizz- or over-processed hair that’s already dry and brittle.

And if you want to texturize and create movement more efficiently, try the De-Bulker. De-Bulker’s De-Bob attachment cuts small channels into the hair, removing bulk and breaking up solid lines for sexy texture and separation.