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Last updated: January 25, 2018

How-To: High Fashion Smooth

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You’re backstage at a fashion show and your model needs sleek strands NOW. Quick—what’s the fastest way to smooth?! That’s when the pros call in the big guns: FHI Brands. They’re the best when it comes to the quickest smooth. In fact, you all voted the FHI Heat Platform Styling Iron as the Favorite Tool You Can’t Live Without at this year’s Stylist Choice Awards! Here’s how you get silky, polished strands ASAP!

Manufacturer: FHI

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  • 1

    Apply FHI Heat Hot Sauce to dry, clean hair. The amount you’ll use depends on the hair’s length and texture.

  • 2

    Part the hair down the middle and take horizontal partings, working up the back of of the head.

  • 3

    Comb through each section until smooth. Using the FHI Heat Platform 1-Inch Styling Iron, straighten each section, keeping even tension and speed.

  • 4

    Continue working up the back of the head taking horizontal sections.

  • 5

    When working up the sides, take horizontal sections small enough to maintain control and precision.

  • 6

    Apply Stylus Stay Styled Variable Hold Dry Hair Spray to smooth flyaways and maintain the style.

  • 7

    After applying the spray, use the can to smooth down any unruly flyaways.