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Last updated: January 28, 2015

Hot and Easy—Curls

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Hot and Easy—Curls

No client wants frizzy, almost curls. They want shiny, cascading curls. And now there is a trick to giving them this look—The FHI Heat Stylus! This all-in-one heat styling brush makes creating curls and waves a breeze. Add a little extra value into each and every service with this tool to keep your clients loyal and looking fabulous!

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    Brush through each section with the FHI Heat Stylus. This helps to release any tangles and warms up the hair.

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    On highly texturized hair it is beneficial to smooth the section before curling to better relax the hair. Do this by slowly pulling the Stylus through the top side and bottom side of each section.

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    Place the Stylus at the root and brush slowly to smooth away any frizz or new hair growth. The Stylus is ideal to use on the scalp as the cool tip bristles eliminates the risk of burns.

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    Place the Stylus near the root on the top side of the section, wrap the hair around the Stylus once and slowly pull through the hair using even tension. Twist the section around your finger to form and secure the curl.

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    As you rotate the Stylus through the hair, hold the section with your opposite hand to keep tension without pulling at the scalp. At the end of the section, rotate the Stylus around the ends of the hair to complete the curl. Use less tension to create loose curls and waves. Repeat throughout each section to complete the style. Use your fingers or a paddle brush to break up the sections for a smooth, polished curl.