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December 18, 2007

FHI Holiday Makeover


FHI Holiday Makeover

Les Haverty, Artistic Director for leading styling tool manufacturer FHI HEAT, says “it’s never more important to have power-hair than during the holidays.”

Supple, sensuous waves are Haverty’s pick for holiday ‘dos, achieved by using two or more curling irons with different barrel-widths. This variation allows for a more natural-looking, seemingly random placement of waves. “What you don’t want,” he says, “are tight, consistent, Shirley Temple sausage-rolls. You want sexy, slightly undone waves.”

This quick holiday hair Step-by-Step will definitely turn some heads for that last minute client looking to make a grand entrance at her company holiday party!


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  • 1

    To begin, straighten sections of the hair starting at the nape. Haverty also recommends using FHI Heat Hot Sauce to give hair additional shine and protection.

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  • 2

    Start 3/4 way down the length of strands, bending hair around the iron and wrapping hair around nose of the iron.

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  • 3

    Continue bending hair around the iron while wrapping sections around the nose of the iron.

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  • 4

    Work from nape to the crown of head to the high point using the same technique as stated in Step 2 and Step 3, then the sides of the head.

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  • 5

    Hair has more life and texture. It has that “lived in” stylish texture your client will just love.  Use finishing spray to hold.

    For more information go to www.FHIHeat.com

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