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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Grey to Gorgeous Fashion Red

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Grey to Gorgeous Fashion Red

Your clients want more than grey coverage—they want on-trend results that shine! As seen in their Grey to Gorgeous Collection, Goldwell offers many shades that are sure to satisfy all of  your clients’ needs. For a fashionable look with a lively spectrum of vibrant color combinations, try this vivacious red on your next grey coverage client! 

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    Goldwell Color Formulas
    Formula A (light pink area):
    Topchic 40ml Lotion 6% (20-volume developer) + 40ml 7N@RR
    Formula B (dark red area): Topchic 40ml Lotion 6% (20-volume developer) + 40ml 6N@RV
    Formula C (orange area): Topchic 40ml Lotion 9% (30-volume developer) + 40ml 8N@KK

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    Section out the hair and apply Formula A on all hair not isolated for design—first on the growth, then to the midlengths and ends.

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    In sections 1 and 2, alternate and diffuse Formulas A and B and Formulas A and C first in fine slices then in weaves in a *Back-to-Back Technique. Apply Formula A to the remaining hair.

    *Back-to-Back Technique: Individual foil slices or weaves applied without leaving any hair uncovered in between. The foils are applied in a layering method.

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    Observe the processing time, then rinse. Treat the hair with products from the Goldwell Dualsenses Color segment. Finish the color service with a Dualsenses Color Serum. To create this vibrant look, apply a walnut-sized amount of StyleSign Glamour Whip onto towel-dried hair. Show your client different styling options with StyleSign Magic Finish to intensify or deepen the dimensions of the shades.

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    With the accent color placement throughout the interior, a simple retouch of your background shade formula with Topchic @Elumenated Naturals can be applied every four weeks.