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Last updated: August 20, 2009

Goldwell TriFlective “Soft Framing” Service Option

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Goldwell TriFlective “Soft Framing” Service Option

This Goldwell TriFlective creative service option is perfect for a client who requires grey coverage and would like a natural color result without a hard contrast against her skin tone, or for clients who want to avoid too dark or harsh-looking hair color. “Soft Framing” is a contemporary classic grey coverage service that allows you to perform a retouch for grey coverage while integrating flattering face framing color effects.

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    Amount fo Grey Hair:
    Natural Base Shade:
    Existing Shade:
    Re-growth: 6NA
    Mid-lengths and ends: faded similar to 8GB
    Target Shade:
    An elegant composition of warm blonde topaz and bronze shades showing an interplay of lighter, shimmering, caramel effects.

    Background Foundation:
    Formula a) 40ml 6% (20 vol) Topchic Lotion + 40ml Topchic 8NGB
    Face Framing Highlights:
    Formula b) 40ml 6% (20 vol) Topchic Lotion + 15 ml Oxycur Platin Highlights lightening cream + 1 sachet Oxycur Platin Highlights lightening powder
    Color Balancing:
    Formula c) 60ml Colorance Intensive Lotion + 30ml Colorance 8NGB
    Highlight Toning:
    Formula d) 30ml Colorance Lotion + 15ml Colorance 9BN

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    1. Apply the background foundation formula a) Topchic 8NGB to the re-growth throughout.
    2. Separate 5 to 7 cm wide sections on both sides of the head. Start 1 cm behind the hairline and on either side of the parting. The section ends behind the ear. (See diagram.)
    3. Work through this section as shown in the diagram by weave slicing with formula b) Oxycur Platin Highlights. Weave half of the mesh and leave the other half sliced. Alternate by reversing the pattern from slice to slice.
    4. Color Balance the mid-lengths and ends using formula c) Colorance 8NGB throughout. Process for 20 minutes without heat.
    5. After processing shampoo with colorglow[IQ] Color Cleanse Shampoo.
    6. Return to the face framing section and refine the highlighted hair by applying formula d) Colorance 9BN throughout. Process 15 minutes without heat.
    7. Rinse, towel-dry and apply colorglow[IQ] Color Finish Serum for the optimum finish.

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    Recommend that your Soft Framing clients rebook 4 – 6 weeks later for their next TriFlective Naturals service.
    To maintain an optimum color the Goldwell colorglow[IQ] series is recommended for use at home until the next salon appointment. The colorglow[IQ] Deep Reflects range is recommended to enhance and maintain this color at home.

    The face-framing highlights are recommended to be planned and booked depending on individual needs eg: every 3 months. Every other time, complete a Goldwell Color Balancing service.