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Last updated: July 19, 2018

Watch: Dramatic Double Ponytail Styling Quickie

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Watch The Video How-To Below & Master The Insta-Worthy Ponytail
We know you’re super busy in the salon, so we love sharing our fave #btcquickies—those whiplash educational videos that teach you a ready-to-use technique or hair cheat LIKE THAT. When L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Creative Director Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney) broke down how to achieve an on-trend dramatic ponytail, we knew you’d want this quickie styling how-to! That’s why we’re dishing out the video, plus steps and products used to achieve this look below. 



Watch The Video How-To Below


Get The Steps

  1. Starting on a complete head of beachy waves, rake your fingers and create a loose section along the parietal ridge and down the back of the head toward the nape. As you work toward the nape, make the section gradually more narrow. Directly on or below the occipital bone, tie off with an elastic.
  2. Using your palms, lightly massage at the crown to create a lived-in effect. Take the two side sections and cross them over the top of the first ponytail and secure a second ponytail directly underneath, then tie off with an elastic. 
  3. Then, expand the ponytail by backcombing underneath add volume and build airy texture.
  4. Finish by applying L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray to set the style. 

Products Used



Peep The Finished Look



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