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Last updated: December 02, 2021

Clients Have Stubborn Grays? Use This Simple Paper Trick For Full Coverage!

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Use This 1-Step Technique To Get Flawless Gray Coverage 

There is nothing worse than rinsing out a root touch-up and seeing that sprinkle of dreaded gray along the hairline. Now more than ever, time is of the essence with limited appointment availability and the need to work smarter, not harder. Lucky for all of us, Joico Educator Ricardo Santiago (@stylistricardosantiago) showed off a GENIUS trick to get full gray coverage every time during the Joico #HairJoi Digital Show. Scroll down for everything you need to know!



What Type Of Client Would Benefit From This Technique?

We’re glad you asked! Everyone has a client whose gray has zero chill. For those grays that want to steal the day, this technique is perfect to ensure flawless coverage every time and reduce the chance for a redo service. It can also be used with foils when lifting a client with dark roots to create extra insulation and provide a boost in lifting.


Why It Works

When hair stops producing melanin and turns gray, the outer layers of the hair—or the cuticle—starts to grow in thicker, which can make the hair more resistant to absorbing color. In addition to a stubborn cuticle, gray hair can also sometimes grow in a different texture, making it hard for the hair to lay flat and become fully submerged in the root color application. Applying perm paper over these hairs pushes it down to the root where there is color and heat so it can really process. 


Laying Down The Technique



After applying a fully saturated root touch-up application, Ricardo uses a perm paper to essentially control any stubborn grays that won’t lay flat in the color. He places the paper gently on the hair and then pushes it up to the edge of the hairline to secure. He likes to use perm paper in an effort to reduce wasting them, but he also uses Colortrak meche, film and foils as well for this technique.


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