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May 17, 2022

10-Minute Money Making Hack For In Between Clients

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3 Ways To Add Quick Gray Coverage To Any Service

We don’t have an extra hour to spend on our clients and frankly, neither do they. If you want to add a few more appointments into your day-to-day to make more money, use these tips! All you need is 10 minutes and a client looking for gray coverage—that’s definitely something we know you have. 


1. 100% Gray Coverage With Highlights

100 percent gray coverage can be tricky on highlighted clients. You need to leave them bright and blonde while covering all gray new growth (without spending all day on one client)! Blonding specialist Sarah Cabral (@sarahzstylz) shares her quickie gray coverage trick for fast processing. 


Sarah’s go-to gray coverage for highlighting services:

  • Cover grays before lightening. This helps to create an even canvas and avoids applying color in-between foils. 
  • Formula: Equal parts Joico LUMI10™ Permanent Crème Color 7Na + LUMI10 Accelerator. 
  • Leave to process for 10 minutes, shampoo and begin prepping for highlighting.


Watch Sarah’s full process here—100% gray coverage, highlighting prep and foiling technique:

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Download fact sheets, tutorials and pro tips on 10-minute gray coverage! You’ll want these saved for your next client.


2. Balayage With Gray Coverage Add-On In Under Two Hours

Adding an extra step to a balayage service is not ideal, so it’s important to make it quick. Balayage specialist Stevie Meech (@hairbystevie) shares her process for an easy gray coverage add-on to a balayage service. 


“After the balayage foils are in, use Joico LUMI10 for a root touch-up,” says Stevie. “It only stays on for 10 minutes, this is how I’m able to do a balayage with gray coverage in under two hours!”


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3. This Root Touch-Up Will Make You More Money

When you need to work quickly, back to the basics is the way to go. Hair educator Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) demos this full head root touch-up appointment that she sneaks in between clients. 


Taylor’s quick go-to sectioning technique:

  • Apply around the perimeter first, then through the T-zone. (You always want to start where gray is most stubborn!)
  • Start in the front two quadrants, taking small sections and saturating the root evenly.
  • Working around the head, be sure to cross-check each section. Grays stand out easily, double-check that you’ve covered every strand.
  • Let color process for 10 minutes, rinse and send your client home with 100% gray coverage.


Taylor’s formula: Equal parts Joico LUMI10 Permanent Crème Color 5N + LUMI10 Accelerator 

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