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Last updated: November 10, 2021

Holiday Braiding Tips & Techniques

@antestradahair holiday braid hairstyle inspiration techniques
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Instagram via @antestradahair

Holiday Braiding Tips & Techniques

It is holiday hair season and we are HERE for it. Upgrade your client’s cut and color with a dope braided look to take her through December parties (and to have her prebooking ASAP). We are serving serious braid inspo from braid expert and BTC Team Member @antestradahair, aka Phoenix-based Antonio Estrada—keep reading for his braid ideas and braid tips!

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1. Prep Hair For Lasting Braids

Prep hair for styling with Antonio’s flat iron curling technique. While curls cool, apply with Schwarzkopf Professional® OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® Miracle 15 for shine before brushing through the curls. “Pro tip: If the hair already has texture, add shine. If the hair is soft, add texture,” Antonio says.



2. Learn The On-The-Scalp Infinity Braid

On-the-scalp infinity braids are a serious statement. Watch Antonio’s technique below and remember his pro tip: “Add hair to the weaving strand and push the weaving strand up after each rotation. This keeps the braid bold.”




3. Keep Braid Strands Smooth And Frizz-Free

No matter how many strands in your braid, achieve a smooth end result with Antonio’s trick: Spray each section OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® Smooth Strong Hairspray. It’s fast-drying and moldable to keep braids sleek without crunch.


@antestrada holiday braid hairstyle inspiration techniques
Instagram via @antestradahair


4. Learn How To Zipper Braid

Experiment with new braids—you get to practice on clients and they get to look like total babes, it’s a win-win. Try this zipper braid. Antonio’s pro tip: “At first it seems like nothing. Keep going, it gets good.”



5. Try A Snatched Ponytail + Braids

Voluminous snatched ponies are EVERYTHING this season, plus they’re a quick style you’re your client will love. Braid sections of your choosing, then get sky-high texture with OSiS+® Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder.


@antestrada holiday braid hairstyle inspiration techniques
Instagram via @antestradahair



6. Create Braids For Boho Clients Too

For clients who are more romantic than edgy, go for a boho look with an off-the-scalp infinity braid. Shake some OSiS+® Dust It at the crown for volume and hold, or use it to bulk up braids. “If the hair is fine or soft, DUST IT,” Antonio says. 


@antestrada holiday braid hairstyle inspiration techniques
Image via @antestradahair


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