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Last updated: January 11, 2021

5 Tips To Master The Figure 8 Braid

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Braid Like A Pro With These 5 Tips!

Can you ever have enough braiding content? We posted this clip of amika Platform Artist Jamie Brice (@thestylist.jamie) creating the brand’s signature Figure 8 braid on Facebook…and you guys adored it (over 7 MILLION VIEWS!). So, we asked Jamie to break down her expert braiding tips so you can recreate this look with confidence. Keep scrolling for the details and to check out the video!



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1. Clean Hair Is The BEST Hair

Having your clients come in with day two hair is tempting, but Jamie recommends starting off on clean hair. “I always prefer clean hair! Sometimes day two hair can be too oily or flat depending on the look we are trying to achieve, and then we have to do a product overload. So, I prefer a clean slate, which gives me the ability to use as much or as little product as I need to.”


2. It’s All In The Prep

“Usually when I’m preparing the hair to be braided, I base my product selection on the hair type, texture and also the final look I’m creating,” says Jamie on her prep process. “For instance, if I’m working with thicker hair textures and I’m going for a clean, sleek finish, I’ll use a combination of the amika Haute Mess Texture Gloss and the amika Supernova Moisture and Shine Cream. This will give shine as well as hold, and keep everything in place. Although, when I’m creating a more textured look I would prep the hair with the amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray. This helps to build volume and give that messy feel I’m going for from the very beginning.”

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3. Section, Section, Section

The most important step when creating any braid is to maintain neat sections. Not only does it look nice, but it also helps you stay on track. “Keep your sections as clean as possible so you don’t confuse yourself. You can always create texture at the end!”



4. Tension Is Key

Make sure you’re maintaining a firm grip on the sections when braiding to avoid your work looking sloppy. “Letting [your sections] get too loose will result in it looking like a completely different braid and making you question if you’re doing it right.”


5. Just Do It!

“Most importantly, don’t overthink it! Otherwise, you’ll psych yourself out,” says Jamie on the braiding process. “Don’t get me wrong , it definitely is a more advanced braid, but that doesn’t make it impossible! It took me a few try’s to get it right, too. All braiding takes practice. So remember to take your time and have some fun with it!”

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