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Last updated: April 27, 2022

Bridal Styling: Twisted Updo On Textured Hair Tutorial

Bridal Upstyling On Textured Hair How-To

Encourage your curly clients to work with their natural volume for their wedding day. Moroccanoil Artistic Team Member Latavia Alise (@ellealiseartistry) shows you how to manipulate textured hair for classic, bridal styling. Keep scrolling to grab her tips on controlling volume and density for detailed styling and check out the finished look!


Make sure you watch the full tutorial above for the entire step-by-step!



Check Out The Finished Look!

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Condense Hair & Section For Control

Before you start styling voluminous textured or blown out hair, the first thing you need to do is gain control. Latavia recommends applying anchor braids to help condense some of the client’s hair. Anchor braids are thin cornrows used to help “anchor” a style. Use Moroccanoil Molding Cream when braiding for flexible hold and gritty texture for a solid grip.


Another way to control the hair is to section, section, section! When creating elaborate upstyles, Latavia sections the front from the back from ear to ear. You have to compartmentalize everything with textured hair to keep the sections neat.


Creating Detail In The Back

Before styling the front, Latavia started in the back by creating a faux braided base to cover up the anchor braids. Here’s how she did it:


  • First, take a diagonal section at the nape by the two anchor braids.


  • Brush up and spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong on the section to smooth any flyaways.


  • Use a Topsy Tail to pull the hair through the opposite anchor braid. Do this by wrapping the hair around the Topsy Tail, angle it upwards and pull the hair through the opposite braid to the other side. Repeat this step on the opposite side.


  • Take another diagonal section on the side you started, add in the leftover hair from the first section and feed through again. Continue this step, working from side to side until the hair is weaved around each other and over the braids.


  • Once you reach the crown, pull the leftover hair into a ponytail using an elastic cord for a smooth base. 


Note: Curly and textured hair have natural volume, so you don’t have to worry about the sectioning being visible. You can easily cover any lines by gently pulling the hair in places where the volume is controlled.


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Twist Up The Front

Using twists are a great way to save time when styling, especially when you have an entire bridal party to do. To get the detailing in the front, Latavia used Molding Cream to give the hair a semi-matte finish and twisted inividual sections going to the right and crossing over each other for a smooth rope braid. Secure the ends with a small elastic. Continue until you’ve created the desired amount of twists.


Once the hair is finished, feel free to create more volume by gently pulling the twists so they’re not so tight. Finish off the look by first interweaving the twists together to see how they’ll lay, before pinning them in place.


Getting Dark Hair To Stand Out

A lot of curly clients have naturally dark hair and it’s hard to see any dimension when it’s a solid shade of black or dark brown. To combat that, braids and two strand twists help add a visible design element to darker tones. You can also use clip-ins to add dimension and further emphasize the details in the hair. This is also a quick and easy up charge to your bridal service, so you can make more money!


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