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Last updated: October 06, 2017

Add-On Services: Don’t Dread Them, Do Them!

If add-on services have yet to make their way into your salon, what's holding you back?

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L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman learned a lot as a salon owner, one being how beneficial it is to introduce add-ons to your services. From pricing to rollout plans to what her salon offers, we talked about it all with the 2017 #ONESHOT winner. Find out what advice she had below!



Price Breakdown
Determining how to price your add-on services boils down to math and location.

  • Find out what the manufacturer charges per bottle, then break that down per service. 
  • Leah says take what the bottle costs and multiply it anywhere from 35 to 50 percent. 
  • Your location and what the consumer is willing to pay will determine what percent you multiply it by.


Conditioning Treatments Are Where It’s At
If you’re unsure on where to start with add-ons, Leah recommends offering conditioning treatments. Why? “Conditioning treatments are such good areas for the salon to discount or give away because the actual added value is huge to the consumer, but the cost is low to the salon owner,” says Leah.



Offer A Rollout Special
Leah says everything, from hotels to airlines, is offering package deals so don’t be afraid to start offering yours. To help with the hesitation, Leah suggests pairing your add-on with a deal at first. For example, give clients a sample size product or 20 percent off a purchase with the treatment.


“Try to introduce it to your location, see how it goes and if you don’t feel like you get a good run out of it then go back to a la carte,” advises Leah. “But I can tell you, give it a fair 30 days.”


Which Add-On Services Should You Offer?
At Leah’s salon, they offer three different package deals:

  1. Ultimate Treatment for $15—every color service includes this three-step treatment to ensure the client’s hair is clean and conditioned before applying color. 

  2. Emergency Treatment for $35—this two-part treatment is paired with a signature hair color service + the Ultimate Treatment so her hair can look its best. 

  3. Glampoo for $25—adding L’ANZA Silver Brightening Shampoo to your formula to make her long-lasting color more of a weekend-wear.

Another idea? Combining add-on services and retail, an idea Leah learned from @theheathersmithproject on Insta. Here’s how it works: If your client gets a haircolor service, gift her with a shampoo to make it last. (And this way she’ll be more inclined to buy the conditioner!)


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