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Last updated: May 10, 2023

6 Ways You Can Use OLAPLEX That You Didn’t Know!

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6 Facts About OLAPLEX: What You Should Know

We’ve seen a buzzy trend on TikTok around “protein overloading” hair—and with that, comes some important client conversations. Like always, we’re here to help: Whenever there’s a hair myth out there, we’re here to debunk it. But this time, we went even further.


We’re breaking down six ways to use OLAPLEX (there may even be some you’ve never heard of!). Keep reading for real talk about product overuse, chelating, when to use hair oils and more.


Fact: OLAPLEX is not a protein treatment brand

The majority of OLAPLEX products contain NO proteins and the two products that do contain very minimal levels*. OLAPLEX is a bond-builder that works on a molecular level to relink disulfide bonds, improving the strength of the hair while making it more durable and resilient toward future damage.


First, let’s review the highly concentrated OLAPLEX two-step in-salon treatment system. The original bond-building system goes like this:


  • No.1 Bond Multiplier: The first step of the two-part system helps mitigate damage and relink broken disulfide bonds to help improve the health and strength of the hair. 


  • No.2 Bond Multiplier: The second step performed in-salon not only repairs damaged bonds, but also enhances the manageability of hair. REMEMBER: It’s recommended to use both OLAPLEX No.1 Bond Multiplier followed by OLAPLEX No.2 Bond Multiplier for maximum repair. So, don’t skip it!


Before OLAPLEX, the only solution for damaged disulfide bonds was a haircut—crazy, right? Since disulfide bonds cannot repair on their own, the OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment™ is a go-to for stronger, shinier, healthier-looking hair.


Press play to see how OLAPLEX Advocate Carlos Rojas (@colorbycarlos) applies an OLAPLEX standalone treatment in the salon:

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*(No.4 and No.6 contain very low levels of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, AKA peptides.)


Click here to learn more about repairing disulfide bonds.


Fact: You cannot overuse OLAPLEX (as long as you follow the directions!)

Reminder: OLAPLEX isn’t just a bond builder! OLAPLEX’s bond-building technology works on a molecular level to relink broken disulfide bonds, improving the strength of hair while making it more durable and resilient toward future damage.


Plus, OLAPLEX carries a variety of products beyond their in-salon disulfide bond-repair treatment, so we’re here to show you three more OLAPLEX products you (and your clients) need in your life.


1. Chelating: How it works & when to use it

We can send our clients home with a clarifying shampoo, but what if they have excess hard water and mineral buildup that needs something stronger? That’s where the OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment comes in! Here are some of the benefits:


  • Removal of discoloring minerals and buildup without damaging hair 
  • Promotes vibrant color and consistent lightening results
  • Provides antioxidant protection from pollution and free radical damage
  • Allows for better penetration and efficacy of chemical services
  • Restores natural shine, softness and manageability


The clarifying shampoo removes surface buildup and prepares the hair for optimal chelating results; meanwhile, chelating is a pro-only treatment that goes beyond the surface for cortex-deep purification.


Click here to learn more about chelating, and press play to watch how OLAPLEX Educator Coko Taft (@cokothenatural) uses the chelating treatment to help restore her client’s curls:

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2. Hair Oils: What you need to know

We’ve all heard that “oils and heat protection don’t mix,” but what if they did? That’s exactly why we love OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil. It’s a highly concentrated, weightless repair oil that increases shine, softness and color vibrancy—plus, it minimizes flyaways, frizz and protects against heat damage up to 450°F (232°C). This versatile oil can be used on wet or dry hair before styling with heat.


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3. For clients who need a little extra moisture, try this:

In just 10 quick minutes, you can add shine, smoothness and moisture to your client’s hair with OLAPLEX 4-in-1 Moisture Mask—AKA—another chance to up your service ticket with an add-on!


Pro Tip: Stylist Summer Labayen (@manely.summer) wraps a hot towel around her client’s head while the mask processes, providing them with the spa-level experience they deserve.


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Fact: OLAPLEX is not just for damaged or colored hair

Regardless of hair type and history, the reality is—anyone’s hair can be damaged daily by thermal and mechanical stressors. That’s why OLAPLEX is great for all hair types and textures to help prevent and repair damage. Keep reading to learn three new ways to add OLAPLEX services to your appointments.


1. Ola-PRESS—wait, what?! 

That’s right. OLAPLEX Advocate Jaytaun Rebber (@texas_beautician89) offers the OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment™ followed by a silk press in the salon—an easy way to raise your service ticket. Check out the results below:

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2. Purple shampoo cheat for clear platinums

Before bleaching to a clear platinum, pre-shampooing with a purple-pigmented shampoo is a smart way to cancel unwanted yellow tones before applying the final color, OLAPLEX Advocate Marie Negron (@glamhairbymarie) explains. “Think [of it] as prepping a wall before you paint it,” says Marie.


For this bright platinum, Marie applied OLAPLEX No.4P Blonde Enhancer™ Toning Shampoo. This shampoo features a sulfate-free formula to create a rich lather to neutralize brassiness and boost brightness after one use for all blonde, lightened and gray hair.


OLAPLEX toning purple shampoo for clear blondes
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Restore structure, strength and stability to hair—click here!


3. Meet your new color correction BFF…

WWYD if this client sat in your chair?! Blonding specialist Suzi Angelina ( kept her cool for this 7.5-hour color correction and was able to achieve a clean, even lift supported by OLAPLEX. Check out the process below!



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Fact: You shouldn’t use drugstore products on your hair—even if you get in-salon OLAPLEX treatments!

This one is for the clients that leave your chair and head directly to the drugstore to re-up on their favorite products: What you use in between appointments MATTERS.


“We’ve all been there,” says OLAPLEX Ambassador Christin Brown (@curlfactor), adding that the problem with using drug-store products, “is that your hair is left feeling overly clean therefore exacerbating the dryness issue.” This can also lead to breakage, split ends and frizz.


Plus, DID YOU KNOW? 85 percent of the country has hard water in their home. This can lead to mineral buildup over time which causes color fading and weighed-down hair.


That’s why Christian recommends using a clarifying shampoo to remove impurities. Her favorite? OLAPLEX No.4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo once a week or once every two weeks to keep hair free of product buildup, hard water minerals, heavy metals and MORE—without stripping moisture.


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Keeping Hair Healthy After The Wash

Clients love dry shampoo just as much as we do, and we can’t have them using pore-clogging drugstore products in between appointments! Here’s your chance to sell some extra retail: Send clients home with OLAPLEX’s NEW No.4D Dry Shampoo to allow them to use the products they love without the powdery residue or clogged pores.


Check out how Carlos (@colorbycarlos) applies No.4D to his brunette client—with NO white residue!

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