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Last updated: March 04, 2021

4 Common Hair Prep Myths & Tips For Styling On Every Hair Type

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Hair Prep Myths Debunked & Tips For Longer-Lasting Styles
Do you have clients who complain their hair can’t hold curls, braids and updos? We know you do. That’s why we’re breaking down four common hair prep myths and foundation-building tips that prove any client can wear long-lasting styles. Plus, a video how-to for full-bodied braids on fine hair!


After being nominated for her upstyling skills and quickie Instagram videos at the 2018 #ONESHOT Hair Awards, we asked BTC Team Member Michelle Stevenson (@michellehair) her secrets to prepping strong styles on every hair type. Check it all out below. 

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Hair Prep Myth 1: Dirty Hair Holds Better

Clean or dirty, your client’s style will only last if there’s a strong foundation. When working on second-day hair, natural oils that are sitting on the strands can prevent styles from holding for long periods of time. Instead, Michelle recommends starting with clean hair and adding both texture and grip with these products:


  • Apply Vandal Volume Powder by amika at the roots for instant lift and matte texture with nice grit to create a strong foundation for styling.
  • For longer-lasting curls, try amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray. It’s a heat-activated protectant that prolongs smoother styles without unwanted frizz.
  • For boho looks, Michelle works with amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray for tousled movement with a strong matte finish.  


Hair Prep Myth 2: This Style Won’t Work With My Client’s Natural Texture

Just kidding! Michelle always works with (never against) her clients’ natural textures and growth patterns to achieve a customized look for their unique hair types. That way their styles with naturally stay in place for a longer period of time.


You can always achieve a variation of the inspo photo your client brings in. “Be creative and use pictures as inspiration instead of trying to recreate the photo exactly,” shares Michelle. “Make sure to communicate that with your client so they don’t have unrealistic expectations.” 



Hair Prep Myth 3: My Client’s Hair Doesn’t Hold Curls

For curls on fine or thinning hair, backcomb the base of every section before curling. Start at the nape and work all the way to the top of the head—this will help prevent curls from falling flat and give them longevity. 


Hair Prep Myth 4: Bobby Pins Never Hold In Certain Hair Types

Whether your client’s hair is thick and heavy or super fine, different hair types struggle to hold bobby pins for various reasons. Here are some easy solutions:


  • Apply hairspray directly to the hair pin for added grip.
  • Secure with elastics versus pins on thicker, heavier hair to avoid slipping.
  • For braided accents without pins, use an elastic to attach braids and hide at the base under a ponytail or a bun—see the bobby pin alternative technique in action below.


Watch This Fine-Haired Braiding Technique, No Pins Necessary!

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