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Last updated: November 07, 2018

3 Common Beachy Wave Mistakes & How To Fix Them

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Avoid These 3 Waving Mistakes & Watch The Video How-To!

Are your clients’ beachy waves looking more like “sweet sixteen” curls? Then, you’re probably making one of these three mistakes that ruin the effortless vibe of lived-in texture. We spent the day at Sharon Dorram At Sally Hershbeger’s Salon in NYC where stylist Temur (@just_temur) showed us exactly how to create the official cool-girl style. Check out all the the do’s and don’ts below, then watch the quickie video how-to!


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1. Every Section Is The Same Size
Working around the head in same-size sections? The results will be too glam and polished. Instead, work in sections that slightly vary in size to create a more organic, natural-looking wave pattern.


2. Curls Are Too Tight
If the curls are too tight, brushing them out at the end won’t create loose, undone texture. Stretch out tight curls into beachy waves by pulling the hair at the ends and allowing to cool, then release.


3. Leaving Out Too Much At The Ends?
Leaving too much hair out at the ends—especially on short-haired clients—will create kinks and look like the hair was relaxed. Avoid this by feeding the ends through the iron and waving the hair from roots to ends.


Watch The Quickie Video How-To Below


Get The Steps

  1. Start with a voluminous blowout and apply a cocktail of Virtue®️ One For All 6-in-1 Styler and Uplifted Volumizing Whip to build a strong foundation. Then, take a thin section at the face frame and wrap it around a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Apply heat, then drop the piece and allow to cool.
  2. Continue this pattern working around the head, working from the bottom to top to build a graduated texture. Make sure that every section slightly varies in size and wave in alternating directions.
  3. Then, apply Virtue®️ Polish Un-Frizz Cream to smooth away flyaways. Break up the waves by blow-drying the back section forward.


Check out the gorge finished look!



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