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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Jessica Biel’s Stylist Adir Abergel Shares His Secret To Creating Long-Lasting Volume

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Creating volume is one thing, but making it last? That requires keeping product usage to a minimum and adjusting your blowout and curling techniques, and Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir)—the stylist to celebs like Jessica BielSaoirse Ronan and Jennifer Garner and Virtue®️ Creative Director—has it mastered! And he’s sharing all his secrets for achieving that long-lasting, red carpet-worthy volume your clients crave.


We invited Adir to our new BTC house in West Hollywood (a place where hairdressers can come to create, learn and of course, hang with the BTC SQUAD), and he dropped some major education during an hour-long Facebook live! Get his blowout tips below and watch the entire FB live for the full look!


The doors to the BTC house are officially open in West Hollywood, a place for hairdressers to create, share and learn.



1. Limit Product Usage

The key to long-lasting volume involves perfecting your product cocktail! Here’s Adir’s method!

  • Start by washing the hair with the right shampoo and conditioner (Adir’s go-to is the Virtue®️ Full Shampoo & Conditioner!) “The secret is to make sure that you don’t put too much conditioner near the roots,” advises Adir. “Apply conditioner from about 2 inches off the scalp to the ends—that’s going to give you all the volume that you’re looking for.”


  • Then, apply a volumizer to the roots to help create extra lift and Virtue®️ Perfect Ending Split End Serum to seal, polish and protect ends.


  • If she has fine-to-medium hair, you can use Virtue®️ One For All 6-in-1 Styler to strengthen her strands. And if she has medium-to-thick hair, use Virtue®️ Polish Un-Frizz Cream to eliminate frizz and make strands smoother.


2. Try Adir’s Blowout Technique

  • To start, the part has to be established. Adir finds the highest point of the eyebrow and follows that imaginary line up through the rest of the head. (11:02)


Make sure the part you section off aligns with the highest point of the eyebrow, right at the arch.


  • For the blowout, sectioning will be determined by the size of the round brush—don’t use a brush that’s bigger than the section. Then, overdirect the hair forward. (3:00)


  • Place the round brush at the base of the section and comb it forward just slightly before hitting the hair with heat (see gif below)—this creates more volume.



  • Briefly hit it with heat, let it cool, then blow-dry the remainder of the section. Once you reach the ends, wrap them completely around the brush and make your way back to the base before hitting with heat again (see gif below). (3:40)



  • Instead of rollers, Adir uses multiple round brushes to set his blowouts by creating a roller brush set—a technique from the ’70s. After blow drying each section, pin the round brush in place and let the hair cool. “This allows you to have the full amount of volume you’re looking for,” he shares.


Check out the volume created just from doing a roller brush set!


3. Use Overdirection When Curling

  • Adir prefers to use his De Fabulous Twister Curling Iron to curl each section because it requires less hand movement, but a Marcel iron works just as well!


  • Most stylists curl the hair by holding the iron at an angle and keep the ends pointed at the ground, but that just flattens any volume. Here’s what Adir does (see gif): 
    • Overdirect the hair so the roots are lifted up off the scalp. 
    • Starting a few inches off the root, hold the iron horizontally and insert the section between the barrel and the clip.
    • Then, turn the tool over and feed the hair into the iron. (7:54)



  • Instead of applying hairspray as he works, Adir prefers to use his finishing products at the end to avoid weighing down the hair.


  • To seal the volume at the root, backcomb each section, spray a light amount of Virtue®️ Finale Shaping Spray and hit the root area with a diffuser. “It locks in the volume at the root but doesn’t change the integrity of the rest of the hair,” shares Adir.




4. Use Embellishments To Spice Up Your Styles

  • From Saoirse and Emma Watson to Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart, Adir is never one to shy away from adding accessories to accentuate his red carpet styles.


  • Since he had difficulty finding pieces that felt appropriate to use on all clients, about 2 years ago Adir collabed with Lelet NY to create a collection of super chic embellishments and hair pieces that cater to hairstylists—meaning they’ll stay put! 


  • Not only are embellishments a fun and stylish finishing touch, but they also let you personalize each look based on the client. “You can just add all of these different layers and textures and vibes into a look so immediately you’re getting something that feels exactly individual to the person,” shares Adir.


The Adir X Lelet collection will let you get more creative with your styles while giving clients a personalized look.


Watch the full video below!


Check out some of the high-volume and embellished looks Adir has created for his celeb clientele below!

Instagram via @hairbyadir


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