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August 23, 2015

Goldwell® Nectaya Enriched Naturals

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Sure, you can cover up her grey, but you’ll never really be able to restore her hair back to that smooth, youthful finish, right? Wrong—so wrong. With the new Goldwell® Nectaya Enriched Naturals, you can give her vibrant, thorough color coverage and lasting smoothness all at the same time—and all in one easy step! Infused with keratin and silk proteins, this super unique, ammonia-free cream formula transforms coarse, unruly greys, lending them incredible shine and softness. Stylists can now provide up to 100 percent grey coverage with vibrant color without fear of damaging the texture.

See Nectaya Enriched Naturals at work with this Rejuvenating Blonde Service how-to!

For more information, visit www.goldwell.us

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