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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Goldwell @Elumenated Naturals Collection

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For most, grey coverage is enough—but Goldwell knows better. Grey coverage means more than just your client does not want to see their signs of aging—it allows stylists the opportunity to give their clients something more! Grey coverage lets stylists paint on what is essentially a blank canvas. That is why Goldwell has introduced the new @Elumenated Naturals Collection, offered in both Topchic and Colorance ranges.

This new collection features revolutionary color technology that blends unique, next-generation oxidate dyes with intense shine dyes that deliver spectacular vibrancy and grey coverage to the outer layers of the hair. Offering 14 pre-balanced shades, there is a color suited for everyone—whether they seek blonde, red, natural or fashion-forward pigments. Your clients will walk away knowing that their brilliant new haircolor will last between visits and supply them with the gray coverage they need.

Topchic @Elumenated Naturals: Always use the Topchic Cream Developer Lotion 6% or
9%, according to the base shade level and percentage of white (Lotion 6% when more than
50% white, Lotion 9% when less than 50% white)

 Colorance @Elumenated Naturals: Always use the Colorance Cover Plus Developer Lotion

Always measure Developer Lotion first and then add the color.

For a Protective Balance of Midlengths and Ends:
Apply Topchic @Elumenated Naturals at regrowth.

2. Apply Colorance @Elumenated Naturals or Elumen to refresh midlengths and ends.

See the new grey coverage system in action!

See even more shades from the Goldwell @Elumenated Naturals system!

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