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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Nectaya® from Goldwell®

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One blonde does not fit all! Goldwell®’s premium Nectaya® hair color is now available in all new shades to provide you with the exact tone of blonde you desire. Featuring Goldwell®’s innovative Highlift Control System for powerful lift and precise pigment concentration, Nectaya® HiBlonde Control Shades offers up to five levels of lift in tone with just a single coloring. Besides delivering perfect color, the gentle system also boosts shine and leaves hair healthy with its patented Intralipid™ technology and deep conditioning Argan oil. 

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John C. Simpson, Goldwell® Global Master and Lead Artistic Director for the North American Artistic Team says, “This year, it’s all about the blondes—platinum, honey, gold, you name it—and Nectaya® HiBlonde Control Shades are great to get clients the flattering blonde they’ve been craving. Unlike conventional permanent colorings that can leave hair damaged and dry, colorings done with Nectaya® actually improve the health and shine of your hair.”

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