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Last updated: January 02, 2018

Blacklight Extra Blonde Lightener

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The Blacklight Extra Blonde High Performance Ionic Lightener is a powerful, dust-free lightener that lifts up to 9 levels and can be used on and off the scalp, giving you precise and predictable results every time.


Traditional lighteners increase hair porosity which can damage the hair cuticles. As the cuticles get damaged, they start to lose their protective capabilities. This can result in uneven color results, dullness, brittleness, fly-aways and breakage. Blacklight Extra Blonde is formulated with positively-charged compound that forms an ionic bond during the lightening process. This bond protects and smooths the hair cuticles, guarding them from over-porosity and ensures even color results while making hair, soft, shiny and static-free.


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Blacklight Extra Blonde Lightener

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