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Last updated: February 03, 2022


By Kelley Brandon

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Scared to lighten curly hair? Have no fear! After spotting Atlanta-based color specialist Kelley Brandon’s (@kelleyscanvas) KILLER transformation on this gorgeous head of hair, we had to reach out for all of the juicy details. Scroll through for everything you need to know to slay this technique the next time a curly-haired client sits in your chair!



Who is this technique for?

“This technique can be used on all textures, but it is especially great for naturally curly and kinky hair. The only time I would say no to this type of service is if the hair is compromised, breaking, relaxed or overly processed,” says Kelley. 


How long does this technique take and how long does it last?

Generally this process takes Kelley about 3½ hours to complete. Total time can vary depending on the styling process. “She left curly so it would have been longer if I had to blow-dry and style,” explains Kelley. Clients can go between 6 to 10 weeks in between appointments. The less heat styling and washing, the longer this look will last. “She rarely straightens her hair so she can go longer in between her toner appointments, about 8 to 10 weeks,” says Kelley.


What is the maintenance for this technique?

Kelley recommends her clients come in every 6 to 10 weeks for a toner service and Olaplex treatment. For at-home maintenance, Kelley sends her clients home with Olaplex No.3, Olaplex No.4, and Olaplex No. 5.


What is the pricing for this technique?

Kelley uses an a la carte approach to pricing, but her balayage and color correction prices include Olaplex No.1. Here is the price breakdown:

Full Balayage: $350
Toner: $50
Diffuse: $45
Total: $445

Time: 3½ hours


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Who Did It

Colorist: Kelley Brandon
Manufacturer: #MYDENTITY @guy_tang, @guytang_mydentity; Olaplex, @olaplex; Oligo Professionnel; PRAVANA, @pravana

Products Used



1. Section the hair from front to back based off the client’s natural parting. 


2. Starting at the nape, tease and balayage small V- and W-shaped sections with Formula A and place in foils. 


Pro Tip: To create a halo effect, gradually start lower in the back and work your way up higher through the front and crown.


3. Continue teasy balayage in the front with Formula B.


4. Rinse, then apply Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfector and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.


5. Shampoo with PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Shampoo to neutralize any remaining yellow tones.


6. Apply Formula C from root to ends and let process for 5 to 25 minutes.


7. Shampoo and condition, gently finger comb with As I Am Curling Jelly to detangle the curls and then diffuse the hair.