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Last updated: November 10, 2022

5 Tips For Brighter, Healthier Blondes NATURALLY


Keep Your Blondes Healthy With This Bond-Building System

The holiday rush is right around the corner! So maximizing your results for every appointment is a MUST for happy, clients. BUT that doesn’t mean working fast and causing damage is suddenly on the table. Oligo Professionnel Chief Brand Ambassador Jladner (@itsmrjladner) is revealing his high-lift balayage and bond-building technique for every client using the brand’s naturally mindful Blacklight SMART Collection.


Keep scrolling for Jladner’s blonding tips and tricks, full formula breakdown and his add-on treatment for boosting ticket prices (and avoiding breakage).


1. Prep the hair with an exclusive salon treatment.

What client doesn’t want touchable, loveable strands? Oligo Professionnel’s Blacklight SMART bond and repair system is designed to bring purification and scalp care to the forefront of your service menu with 90 percent naturally-derived ingredients. The best part: It only takes an extra ten minutes. Here’s how it’s done:


  1. Wash the hair with Blacklight SMART Purifying Shampoo. Lather, making sure to completely cleanse, then rinse.
  2. Combine three pumps of Blacklight SMART Protection & Strengthening Concentrate with 90 ml of water. Wait three to five minutes before rinsing for maximum absorption. Do not rinse.
  3. Apply Blacklight SMART Bond Builder & Repair Treatment on top of the concentrate to protect each of the four bonds found in hair strands. Wait ten minutes, then rinse.


Pro tip: Boost retail by sending your clients home with Blacklight SMART Purifying Shampoo and Blacklight SMART Repair Conditioner to optimize their results outside the salon!


Peep the before and after of Jladner’s in-salon treatment!

close formula


Products Used


2. Add this concentrate to your formula to keep hair healthy while lifting.

Jladner thinks of his lightener and developer as the seatbelt and airbags of his client’s hair. Both need to soothe and condition while lifting to prevent damage, so he adds the pre-measured Blacklight Smart Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate into his formula. This concentrate can be mixed into any color, lightener or stand alone treatment without impacting its processing time.


Pro tip: Remember to mix with efficiency in mind! Many clients have the in-and-out mindset and would rather not spend a full day at the salon if they can be out sooner.


Tap the beaker to reveal Jladner’s go-to smart blonding formulas!

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A (lightener)

    30 ml Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Extra Blonde High Performance Ionic Lightener + 30 ml 10-volume Blacklight Smart developer (1:1) + 1 pump Blacklight Smart Bond Protection & Strengthening Concentrate 

  • Formula B (root gloss)

    Oligo Professionnel Calura Demi-Permanent Gloss 6 Intense Neutral + 7-volume Calura Gloss developer

  • Formula C (mid-ends gloss)

    Calura Gloss equal parts 10 Neutral + 10-12/10AI + 7-volume Calura Gloss developer


3. Section the foils from front to back to keep them from falling flat.

Starting from the hairline, foil along the round of the head at a diagonal back. By reaching from front to back, this allows some sections to fall vertically and horizontally. The result: additional dimension and movement, as well as a greater blend that maximizes the blonde result.


Pro tip: Make sure to keep high tension and high elevation to fully saturate the hair! The lightener should be hugging the hair strands so the product doesn’t dry out as it processes.




4. Surface paint through already lightened ends without damage.

Don’t be scared to brighten already blonde ends. Why? Formulating with the Blacklight SMART bond-building system help replenish and repair bonds as it lightens, so you can brighten up dull blondes all the way through the ends without worrying about damage!




5. Formulate your gloss to the client’s desired result.

Jladner maximizes two to six gloss formulas for every client depending on what their hair dreams are. Glossing isn’t “one size fits all!” This client wanted a luxurious L.A.-blonde with lots of reflection throughout, so he mixed two separate glosses for the base and mid-ends. Since the hair was protected while lifting, there’s no need to add anything to the toner formula—just be sure to send clients home with the shampoo and conditioner to keep them healthy between appointments (they’ll thank you later)! 


Check out the blonde before and after!

close formula


Want to learn more about boosting your service ticket, foiling strategies and healthy blonding? Watch Jladner’s full video on how to create bright blondes naturally and mindfully on BTCTV!


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