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Last updated: March 01, 2021

Matrix, Reinvented: Brand Deepens Inclusivity Commitment

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Matrix Commits To Including All Stylists and All Clients In Brand Overhaul

Matrix just made a major announcement: A totally reinvented brand that’s more inclusive than EVER. Check out the changes, from a Hair Diversity Matrix scorecard system to make sure all Matrix products meet all hair needs, to a relaunch of classic Matrix color ranges.


First, some background on Matrix. American husband and wife hairdressing team Arnie and Sydell Miller founded the brand in 1980, seeking to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that would help them grow their businesses and take full advantage of their talent and creativity. The brand’s heritage is based on the values of synergy and togetherness. With its reinvention, Matrix is reconfirming and modernizing those values through its commitment to being the most inclusive haircare and haircolor brand in the industry.


Commitment to All Hair Types & All Hairdressers

The brand’s new Hair Diversity Matrix is a scorecard system created in collaboration with internal labs and the education community. The system makes sure that all products and education materials are developed to address the needs of every hair type. The dimensions of this scorecard system include:

  • All levels, from dark to light
  • All underlying pigments, from warm to pale
  • All diameters, from fine to coarse
  • All patterns, from straight to coily



Whether fresh out of beauty school, working at a well-established salon, or starting a new business, every stylist can find education that benefits them. The Matrix network of Artists and Matrix Milestone approach to professional growth provides targeted online and offline mentorship at every career milestone. Find support for every business model, whether you’re a salon owner with stylists on commission or an independent stylist striking out on your own, with Matrix online education. Visit the Matrix pro site to find education!


Relaunched Favorites

SoColor and SoColor Sync now come pre-bonded to eliminate a step from color mixing.


With the brand reinvention comes the relaunch of two longtime Matrix collections: SoColor and SoColor Sync. The collections are now a pre-bonded color system, enhanced with bond-protecting concentrate to protect the inner hair structure. Plus, the shades are pre-blended with background and reflect all in one tube. Shop the new collections at SalonCentric!



New Packaging and Feel

Matrix is painting the town rainbow, with bold colors, updated packaging and merchandising, and a new logo. The vibe is one of support and optimism while staying true to the original founding vision: “A matrix of support to instill confidence in every hairstylist.”



“When Arnie Miller founded the brand, he saw the need for a community where every hairstylist could feel a sense of belonging.” says Shane Wolf, Worldwide President, Professional Products Division US Brands. “Today, the brand is proud to reveal a reinvented Matrix, guided by those principles, yet reimagined and modernized. Matrix is a place where everyone is welcome and is supported by the community to reach their full potential.”


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