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August 20, 2014

Soffio Color Technique from Alfaparf Milano

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Soffio Color Technique from Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano Introduces Glass Echoes: Three color techniques inspired by one of the most versatile materials in nature—glass. An element inspired by thousands of souls with a magical balance of color, lights and reflections. Soffio is the third in the series of the Glass Echoes Collection. Perfect for wavy or very curly hair, Soffio blends colors and techniques to create a balanced harmony in shades of classic reds to vibrant copper.

Watch the Soffio video!

Ideal For:
Enhancing long and medium-long cuts.
An alternative to classic reds, with our vibrant copper shades.
Wavy or very curly hair.

For more information, visit usa.alfaparf.com


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    Base Color: 5, Light Natural Brown

    • Formula A/ Purple
    1oz 5.22 Light Intense Violet Brown + 1/2oz 30-volume Oxid’o

    • Formula B/
    Black Cherry: 1/2oz 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown + 1/3oz RB + 1/2oz 6.32
    Dark Golden Violet Blonde + 1 1/2oz 20-volume Oxid’o

    • Formula C/
    Red: 1oz 6.66I Dark Intense Red Blonde + 1 1/2 oz 30-volume Oxid’o

    1. Take a circular section around the top of the crown. Create a petal shaped section from the back of the circle pointing down, toward the occipital bone. Create another petal shaped section off the side of the circle, pointing down towards the right ear. Create the last petal shaped section off the side of the circle, pointing toward the left ear.

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    2. Take a horizontal section across the bottom of the first petal section (narrowest point). Apply Formula A at the root, Formula B on the midshaft and Formula C on the ends.

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    3. Place the second foil on top of the first section. Apply Formula C at the root, Formula A on the midshaft and Formula B on the ends.

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    4. Place the next foil on top of the second section. Apply Formula B at the root, Formula C on the midshaft and Formula A on the ends.

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    5. Continue layering foils in all Petal shaped sections. Following the alternating formulas, always starting at the bottom of the petal section.

    Make sure your last foil in each petal section has FORMULA B closest to the root area, as it will blend with the overall base color.

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    6. Apply Formula B to all remaining hair.

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