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Last updated: May 21, 2014

Poppy-Pastel Pink from Evo

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Poppy-Pastel Pink from Evo

Refresh your clients’ color with a pop of pastel. This fresh poppy hue from Evo is a little pink, a little peach, very matte, and definitely on-trend! Even celebs like Rumor Willis are jumping on the sherbet shade train. And why not? This sweet summer shade not only brightens her complexion, but also allows her to express her creativity—and yours—in a fun, colorful way!

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    This color works on a Level 9 or 10 blonde. Identify the level and desired tone of the hair before formulating with Fabuloso Pro. Fabuloso Pro pastels will last 4-6 washes in the hair, and can be maintained for longer with customized retail conditioner.

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    Color Formulas
    Formula A: 90g Fabuloso Pro Repair Conditioner Base + 6g Fabuloso Pro Red + 2g Fabuloso Pro Violet
    Formula B (customizable retail service): 8g Fabuloso Pro Red + 2g Fabuloso Pro Violet to the 230ml bottle to refresh and maintain the color

    Shampoo the hair twice and towel-dry. Comb hair so there are no tangles.

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    Apply the Fabuloso Pro in salon formula or customized retail formula to the hair and comb through for even placement of color. Let process for 5 to 8 minutes and rinse off until water runs clear. Dry hair and style as desired. Fabuloso Pro customized retail allows your clients to maintain their in salon color services until their next visit.

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