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Last updated: April 24, 2006

Joico’s Surreal Color Concept Step By Step

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Joico’s Surreal Color Concept Step By Step

Surreal Color concept is to create a combination of golden blondes, soft coppers and the perimeter framed with a deep amaretto. When styled differently, the color will take on an alternate feeling and interpretation resembling a dreamlike quality.  For more information please log on to:


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    The model has a level 8, golden copper, previously colored hair with a 1/2-inch re-growth of level 6 light brown.


    Formula 1:  VeroLight Powder Lightener with 10 volume Veroxide (SILVER FOIL)

    Formula 2:  VeroChrome G9 with a 2-inch ribbon of Really Yellow (GOLD FOIL)

    Formula 3:  VeroColor 3/4 8G + 1/4 8FOR with 10 volume Veroxide (COPPER FOIL) and base color.

    Formula 4:  VeroChrome RB4 with VeroChrome Activator (BLUE FOIL)

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    Start at the crown area and take horizontal back-to-back slice partings. On the first two slice partings apply formula three. On the next slice parting apply formula two. 

    Continue to take back-to-back slice partings;  two formula one, two formula two, two formula three and end with three formula four foils.  Include all of the top section and fringe.

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    Proceed to the crown area at the back and place one slice parting of formula four.  This will be the darker shade, to fall over the lighter base color. Artistic interpretation and haircut will determine three options to weave, slice or to delete this step.

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    Proceed to the side section. Working diagonally, take a weave parting of the base color and clip away. Pick up the points of the weave and apply formula two for one parting.

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    Continue to take diagonal slice partings;  apply formula one for two slice partings, formula three for two slice partings and formula four for two slice partings. Do not leave any base color at the perimeter area.

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    Proceed to the opposite side section and repeat steps 3 and 4.

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    Proceed to the back section and take a V section. Working slightly below the occipital bone, take diagonal slice partings. Apply formula two for one slice parting, formula one for two slice partings, formula three for one slice parting and formula four for two slice partings. Make sure to incorporate all of the perimeter hairline.

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    On the opposite back section, repeat the same procedure as in step 6.

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    Completed foiling procedure. Front, sides and back views [8A-8D]. Apply formula three base color to the re-growth area, through the mid-shaft and ends. Process for 35 minutes. Rinse and apply Color Endure Shampoo. Rinse and apply K-PAK Cuticle Sealer, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse and apply K-PAK Intense Hydrator, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse and style the hair with the appropriate styling products.

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