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October 19, 2017

Bridal Style: Looped, Low Bun + Accent Braids


Bridal Style: Looped, Low Bun + Accent Braids

Take her bridal style from day to night with Annette Waligora’s (@annette_updo_artist) signature loop and pin technique. Annette recently stopped by the new BTC STUDIOS in Chicago for an exclusive Facebook Live, where she demoed the technique. And while it looks super intricate, it’s actually a breeze to master, and we got an exclusive look at how she does it!


Products Used


  • 1

    Start with this half-upstyle with accent braids.

  • 2

    Refresh her curls with the Hot Tools CURLBAR, flat-wrapping 1-inch sections away from the face.  

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  • 3

    Picking up 2-inch sections, smooth out the hair below the braids with your fingers. Then, holding your non-dominant thumb upside down, loop a section around your thumb. Distress the loop by pinching and pulling pieces out.


  • 4

    Open a bobby pin and slide it in the loop to secure. Crisscross with a second bobby pin under the loop.


  • 5

    Visually place the loops so they create a bun shape, misting with Matrix Biolage Styling Thermal Active Setting Spray as you work. The loops should all face the same direction.

  • 6

    Tip: If you find yourself with rogue strands that pop out of the braid, open up a bobby pin, wrap the strand around the pin and tuck inside the updo. Watch how it’s done!

  • 7

    For a special occasion, add a sparkly accent! Annette used the Pink Pewter Sparkle Bobby Pin.

  • 8

    Finished look – alternate view.