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Last updated: December 13, 2017

Half-Up Twist + Accent Braids

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Half-Up Twist + Accent Braids

Trend alert—mixing and matching different types of braids to accent a style. Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) is a huge fan of the trend, so when she stopped by the new BTC STUDIOS in Chicago for an exclusive Facebook Live, she created this half-up twist, pairing a fishtail and a three-strand braid for a special occasion style that’s just right for all your upcoming holiday clients.



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Products Used


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    Prep the hair by spritzing sections with Matrix Biolage Styling Thermal Active Setting Spray. Using the Hot Tools CURLBAR, flat-wrap 1-inch sections away from the face, from roots to ends. Annette likes to set the CURLBAR’s built-in, vibrating timer for 8 seconds, which keeps the curls consistent.


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    Cup each curl in the palm of your hand for a few seconds to set. Lightly brush out the curls using the Pink Pewter Never Let Go Comb.

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    Begin your first braid (Annette created a fishtail) at the parietal ridge, sweeping back toward the occipital.

    Tip: As you work, move your body in the direction you want the braid to end, which will produce a more even, seamless braid.

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    Backcomb the end of the braid to secure. Using your comb, use quick strokes from all angles, then feel the end of the braid. Once it’s firm, you’ll know it’s secure.

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    Create a second accent braid (Annette used a three-strand technique) underneath the first, again sweeping back toward the occipital, and secure by backcombing.

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    Take a U-shaped section at the crown and backcomb, then smooth with a comb. Spray with Biolage Complete Control Hair Spray. For added volume, use the tail end of your comb to gently lift the hair in the crown.

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    Twist the U-shaped section slightly in the back, and secure by crisscrossing bobby pins (don’t worry about the pins showing—the accent braids will hide them).

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    Leaving a few pieces out in the front, take a 1- to 2-inch section above the ear on the opposite side of the braids. Twist as you bring the section to the back, pinching and pulling on select strands. Secure with a bobby pin, but don’t open the pin! Simply slide it into the twist.

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    Pin the accent braids below the twist, again making sure not to open the pins when you secure. Take one more section on the opposite side, twist and secure below the braids.

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    Finish by backcombing each curl lightly and gently scrunching the hair with your fingers. Set with the Styling Thermal Active Setting Spray.

    Tip: To make those curls really pop, hold a curl strand with one hand, and with your other hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to pinch and slide up the hair shaft, which expands the curl, for more volume and drama!

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    Finished look. 

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    The products Annette used to create the look. 

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