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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Mustafa Avci’s Iconic Hollywood Waves

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Learn how to recreate Mustafa’s amazingly voluminous Old Hollywood waves! 





Prep the hair with volumizing hairspray. Avoid moisturizing or shine products, as they quickly weigh the hair down.


Tip: Does your client requesting Hollywood waves have layers? Send them to get extensions put in before you even attempt to create the style. Extensions will hide the layers so when you wrap the hair around the curling iron, it’ll all blend together, says Mustafa.


Spray the first section generously with hairspray. Comb the section immediately to avoid frizz while forming the wave. Watch Mustafa’s demo.


Wrap each section around the iron barrel, twisting the section counter-clockwise as you wrap. Hold until the curl is hot (about 15 seconds), then release and support the coil with your opposite hand. Insert a duckbill clip, then grab both ends of the clip, pull toward you and roll the curl under until it reaches the head. Remove the clip and re-insert.



The key to making your waves look bigger is to fan them out after removing the clip. Gently comb out the curl first, then start teasing from underneath. Fan out the curls by lightly pulling them apart to make the finished waves look fuller.



Unclip the front section, then pull the section back and away from the face instead of straight out toward you. This will make it easier to manipulate this section and either keep it loose and blended into the rest of the style, or shaped into a more detailed wave in the front.


And what about the client who prefers to keep her hair behind the ear but struggles to find a way to make it stay put? Check out this technique from Mustafa that establishes a stable, secure way to keep hair behind the ear. This technique also doubles as a solid foundation for the brides in your chair who want to rock headpieces on their big day.


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