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Last updated: November 22, 2017

WATCH: Mustafa Avci’s Hollywood Waves

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Mustafa Avci (@mustafaavci)—aka the king of Hollywood waves—is our go-to for all things glamour. That’s why he went live on BTC’s Facebook to share his texture-building techniques for creating two vintage-inspired, voluminous styles. Get Mustafa’s best tips and watch the full video how-to below for major education!


Fine Hair? Here’s What To Do.

If you’re working with a fine-haired client, start by washing the hair twice and skipping conditioner. Use mousse and other volumizing products, and skip moisturizers to prevent waves from falling flat! 


How Much Product?

If your client has chemically-treated hair, use LESS hairspray. If they have natural, thick texture, apply MORE hairspray to each section.


Va-Va-Voom Volume!

Here’s how to create waves with major volume:

  1. Use volumizing powder at the roots to build a strong base. Mustafa recommends Sexy Hair’s Powder Play Volumizing Powder.
  2. Tease the sections underneath to build volume at the base, and the top sections less for a polished finish.
  3. Comb the mohawk section in a backward-diagonal direction opposed to parting directly over to one side. This will prevent your style from falling flat, giving your client’s waves longevity.


S-Shaped Waves

  1. Use a horizontal curl pattern around the entire head, working from the nape up.
  2. After setting the curls for 20 minutes (30 to 45 minutes for thick-haired clients!), take the set down, unpinning in the same pattern, from the nape to crown.
  3. Working section by section, comb through the hair and tease under each curl.
  4. Then, apply Big Sexy Hair Mini Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray and use your hands to shape each wave, fanning the hair at the root area with your fingers to create volume.


Finished Looks


Products Used


Watch the full video below!

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