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Last updated: January 22, 2018

Emma Roberts’ Retro Waves

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Emma Roberts took a cue from Old Hollywood for her walk down the red carpet at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. Celebrity Stylist Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, crafted retro waves that made the young Hollywood starlet sizzle. Here’s how she did it!


Artist: Nikki Lee
Manufacturer: UNITE

Products Used



Start by prepping her hair with UNITE 7Seconds Leave In Detangler then spray UNITE Boosta Spray from roots to midshaft for volume.


Use UNITE Blow and Set Lotion for the ends blowing out the hair with a 2-inch round brush, adding a nice bounce to the hair.


Set the hair by spraying UNITE 7Seconds Glossing Dry Thermal Shine to protect from the heat of the 1½-inch curling iron.


Take 2-inch sections all around the head, wrapping the hair downward and pin them with a duck bill clip to hold into place.


Once you complete the set, lightly mist UNITE MaxControl Spray.


Let the hair cool for about 15 minutes. Then take out all the pins and begin brushing her curls out with a boar bristle brush. This is a key element to creating that Old-Hollywood wave.

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After you brush and create the shape, lock it into place with UNITE Session Max Hairspray.

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