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Last updated: October 23, 2017

What? You Can Now Process A Retouch In 10 Minutes?

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What would you do with the gift of a few more hours in a day? Take a Pilates class? Take a nap? Add more clients and therefore make more money? Well it’s up to you whether you decide to strengthen your core, grab some zzz’s or boost your daily bottom line, but thanks to a new, super speedy product called Andiamo Express Permanent Color from Aloxxi, the choice is yours.


Marilyn Cole gets her powerful Hollywood clients out of the salon and back to work on the double with Andiamo Express Permanent Color from Aloxxi. And they pay extra.


Marilyn Cole, owner of Elektrum Hair Studio in West Hollywood’s Salon Republic is a busy, busy woman. She has two small kids. She has a thriving business, caring for many of Hollywood’s movers and shakers. Her clients are the powerful people behind the scenes—the ones who make your favorite Netflix series happen. There is no question their hair has to be perfect at all times—but finding the time for hair perfection is a big problem. (What with taking meetings with Ryan Gosling and all.) That’s why her clients love Marilyn (among other reasons.) She is able to get them in, apply their retouch, process, blow-dry and get them out the door in ONE HOUR thanks to Andiamo. (And if Marilyn’s lovely assistant Shantel Nicole is free to double-team the blow dry, Ms. Studio Executive is out the door in 30 MINUTES!) That’s because Andiamo processes in just 10 minutes—15 for extremely resistant gray.


When Shantel and Marilyn double-team the blow-dry,
a retouch appointment is 30 minutes!


“I now do a ton of lunchtime retouches,” Marilyn reveals. “I can squeeze in a last-minute client at 7 p.m. and not stay at work until 9. Clients don’t have to stretch their retouches because they don’t have time to hang out in the salon. They don’t need their ‘Wow powder’ anymore!”


This grey was covered in 10 minutes. We saw it with our own eyes.


Marilyn, who is also an Aloxxi Artistic Advisor, explains that the secret to Andiamo (which is Italian for “let’s go!”) is the propriety Turbo Dye Technology, with an increased dye load that deposits a higher concentration of pigment. At the same time, a calibrated dye coupler formula regulates the pace of oxidation so that the color is consistent. You can get up to four levels of lift and the color also contains something called Illipe Butter which keeps hair healthy. The coverage is complete and long-lasting, says Marilyn, who actually upcharges 10 percent for Andiamo. “My clients willingly pay extra to get in and out quickly,” she declares.


Does it burn the scalp like crazy since it’s turbo-powered? It does not—we tried it. Can you retouch and apply highlights at the same time? Yes, you can. Has it changed Marilyn’s life, as well as that of her clients? She says absolutely yes.


True story. When Marilyn was testing Andiamo on a client for Aloxxi, another client was in for her own retouch. Her jaw dropped as she observed the lucky test client have her color applied and processed, and her hair shampooed and blow-dried while her own hair was still processing. “I’ll have what she’s having,” she told Marilyn and once the color was launched, she became the salon’s first, happy Andiamo client.


Healthier hair with Aloxxi RRx.


Marilyn’s other secret weapon for client joy is Aloxxi’s Repair RRx Treatment. This two-step process—Reparative Serum and Replenishing Cream—first repairs the hair and then moisturizes and seals the cuticle. It extends color longevity and like Andiamo, it’s quick. Marilyn believes in the power of RRx so strongly, clients don’t get a vote. She simply incorporates it into all of her color—it’s part of the price of the professional service. And it smells like a lovely serving of fresh grapefruit.


Andiamo is available in 12 shades, which correspond to Aloxxi’s Chroma Permanent Crème Colour collection. It’s easy to mix in order to match any shade.


Every hairstylist knows time is money. Imagine the profit-increasing scheduling possibilities if you could reduce your retouch processing time to 10 minutes. One word: Andiamo.

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